The Impassioned Choice (Etherya's Earth #5) by Rebecca Hefner

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A new villain emerges, threatening the peace the immortals crave…

Heden, the youngest Vampyre royal, has always strived to live up to his sovereign duty. As the most gifted programmer in the immortal world, he applies his skills to protect the kingdom and the family he adores. But his siblings have all settled down with families of their own, and Heden often feels like a perpetual third wheel.

Wracked with guilt after her grandfather’s violent death, Sofia Morelli made a sinister pact with an unknown ally. Utilizing her tech ingenuity to plan the ultimate attack against the immortal royals, she begins to realize they might not be the nefarious enemies she believed them to be.

As Heden discovers the new adversaries and learns someone on the Secret Society shares his hacking prowess, he realizes the human, Sofia, might actually hold the key to defeating them. Determined to turn the feisty woman to his side, he employs his jovial nature and seduction skills to win her over. But when their tentative connection turns into something more, Heden understands a coding war isn’t the only thing he could lose to the spunky human. For, he might just lose his heart to someone who can never share his immortal future…


**The Etherya's Earth series is best read in order, so that the reader can enjoy the evolution of the characters. After all, the author loves a good twist and wants the reader to uncover them organically. However, readers of romance rest assured that each book has its own featured hero/heroine and HEA.

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5 out of 5 (exceptional

THE IMPASSIONED CHOICE is the fifth book in the Etherya's Earth series and is the one that broke me! I've loved every book in the series so far, but this one may just be my favourite.

Heden is the youngest brother and the one who has hidden any pain behind jokes. He is the one who feels as though he doesn't quite fit in, although you'd never know it. Finding spyware on his servers leads him to Sofia, someone who was out for vengeance but had a change of heart when she realised innocent people, including children, would be hurt by her actions.

Oh, man! Be still my beating heart! And bear with me as I try to explain without giving any spoilers. All of the couples so far have been destined to be together. We knew it from the first page. And so were Heden and Sofia. But the odds really are stacked against them. Everyone looks at the problems from one direction. Now, I know why they did! My brain went the other way, but I just couldn't comprehend it, so I returned to the way they were going. And that's all I'm saying! If you want to figure out just what I'm waffling on about, read it!!!

My eyes were constantly leaking from about 90% onwards. I did get a break when Miranda and Ken saved me by finding some lost scrolls, allowing me to get my breath back. But my eyes were soon leaking again. So be warned.

An absolutely brilliant addition to the series that I have loved. I really can't recommend both this book, and the series, highly enough.

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USA Today bestselling author Rebecca Hefner grew up in Western NC and now calls the Hudson River of NYC home. In her youth, she would sneak into her mother’s bedroom and read the romance novels stashed on the bookshelf, cementing her love of HEAs. A huge Buffy and Star Wars fan, she loves an epic fantasy and a surprise twist (Luke, he IS your father).

Before becoming an author, Rebecca had a successful twelve-year medical device sales career. After launching her own indie publishing company, she is now a full-time author who loves writing strong, complex characters who find their HEAs. Rebecca can usually be found making dorky and/or embarrassing posts on TikTok and Instagram. Please join her so you can laugh along with her!

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