The Little Morgen (Fairytales of the Myth #2) by Miranda Grant

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On her thirteenth birthday, Thalliya watches her entire family get slaughtered. The humans cut off their fins and hang their heads from their Viking ships. Left cradling what few pieces remain of her twin, Thalliya screams to the gods for vengeance.

Answered by the Goddess of Love and War, Thalliya now guards the seas without mercy.


Ragnor is hired to take care of the mermaid terrorising the western seas. With seventeen kills under his belt, he thinks little of venturing into the Mouth of Hel. It'll be a quick job with a quick pay…

But when his ship is wrecked and the majority of his crew is drowned, Ragnor realises that it's not a mermaid he's hunting. It's a morgen, a dark mermaid, that's hunting him.

And there's only one way to kill one of those.

You have to get her to fall in love...

4 out of 5 (very good)

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Well the little mermaid sure got dark! I should have realised from the first book that this would be a loose look at the little mermaid... I didn't though. This is no sweet story, and the only song you'll find is a siren song luring men to their deaths. Loss is the catalyst for The Little Morgen, both Thalliya and Ragnor experience it and are thrown together because of it... and yet again the Gods have their hands in what unfolds. I really liked that there are links between the first book and this but the epilogue was bittersweet for me. So I'm hoping the next book will again have links and that I'll find something nice in that link. As with the first this is dark with a bit of passionate sex and plenty of death. A hearty 4 out of 5

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Miranda Grant has cycled three thousand miles up the Rocky Mountains on a tandem bike, launched herself off a cliff to go soar under a giant piece of thin fabric, and has stared down a mamma grizzly and her cub without losing a single limb. A true believer in that life is too short to waste away, she has a comprehensive bucket list and becoming a successful writer is just the next item on it. She defines success as not how much money she makes or how wide of an audience she captivates. To her, it's defined by transporting her readers into a new world and have them fall in love with its occupants. If she can do that, then this item is done. Though that is not to say her writing will be.

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