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The Mistake by Mandy Swiftson

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All your life you are taught to forgive. It doesn’t matter who or what your beliefs are, even as children we are taught we should forgive.

Is forgiveness ever the wrong thing to do?

What if forgiving someone alters your life in ways you could never imagine?

Is it still the right thing to do?

Surely there must be exceptions to the forgive and forget rule?

One forgiveness.

One mistake.

One life-altering decision.

Which is right? Which is wrong?

Forgiveness or survival?

5 out of 5 (exceptional)

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Oh my gosh Mandy! Wow, just wow, an absolute rollercoaster of emotions from start to finish. So many things to deal with, but you did it, and I for one (even though you don't know who I am) am proud of you!

You have written the book in a raw way which I found absolutely gripping. I have shouted with and at you. Cried with you and really felt your grief, you have put things into words I couldn't.

Thank you for writing your story and telling it in the best way possible. You have candidly wrote about something that needs addressing more, not just what's gone on, it was all over, then you skipped in to the sunset, but that you have struggled and you have done things you're not proud of, but also how you are dealing/dealt with it.

I really cannot give this book the review it deserves other than to say amazing. Thank you, Mandy.

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I am a married lady, on the higher side of 45, I have lived in Nottingham England (Robin Hood Land) all my life apart from a few years where I moved to the posh Harrogate, I am not posh and it didn’t work.

I am a bit like Henry V111 but instead of “divorced beheaded died” I have Alcoholic, Psycho and died. So I am a bit of a serial name changer, I am married to hubby number 4 but I know this time I have found my soul mate. He is the fish to my chips, the salt to my vinegar, the yin to my yang. My Dude is my life.

I have an older sister and an older brother plus an array of nieces and nephews, some blood some adopted, but I love them all.

I currently work in a betting shop which whilst I love it can sometimes be stressful.

I am Big, I am Inked, My hair colour changes like the weather (which in England can be four seasons in a day) and I am in your face loud. I don’t do eggshells and I don’t do cotton wool.

I am very much the kind of person who is happy in herself and if someone doesn’t like me they can turn right around and find the door they came through.

I have worked hard and shed many tears to be happy in my own skin.

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