The Night Blade (Indulgence #2) by Erin Kellison

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Luck isn’t going Terah Crane's way. She's stuck with the prince of Fury, the arrogant scion of Pyre, who passionately hates her. Yeah, well...she doesn't like him much, either.

When a vengeful goddess captures someone Terah loves, Adomanei reluctantly joins the rescue mission to settle the debt he owes her. Enemies at heart but united by purpose, they set out upon a dangerous journey into a foreign godland to reach their quarry.

Adom's godborn talents allow him to disguise his identity, but Terah must travel under the cover of darkness, even if it takes them into the belly of a mountain beast and across a sea of bones. A cryptic clue suggests that Terah has allies among the ghosts of Phemerae—if only she can find them. But Adom doesn't trust anyone who strives against the gods.

Beset by monsters and pursued by spies, Terah and Adom are forced to watch each other’s backs, learn to speak with a glance, and be there when the other falls. But will it be enough? Because a malevolent Power stalks them, utter ruin on its mind, and Adom and Terah find themselves trapped together in an intrigue of the gods that will change their world.

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5 out of 5 (exceptional)

THE NIGHT BLADE is the second book in the Indulgence series. We return to Terah and Adom as they begin their rescue mission of Maxan, Terah's nephew who is being held captive in Phemera. The people, Hood, and goddess are all on the search for Terah, who insulted Phemera by accident in book one. The goddess of Light and Truth is not prepared to accept the apology but will wait, as she knows Terah is on her way to her.

This book is one adventure after another!!! I loved every word, completely caught up in the story. If Terah is the one who grew and changed in the last book, then it is Adom's turn in this one. He is unable to hide from the Truth and faces some uncomfortable facts about himself as he slowly becomes more Adom than Adomanei.

Told from multiple perspectives, you catch up with all the main players from book one, with more to meet too. It is intricate and twisting from one port of call to another. Just as you get an answer to one question, you will then have three more queries.

This does end on a cliffhanger and it about killed me. The build-up to the climax is breath-taking and I read faster and faster to keep up with the pace on the pages. This will be a series that, once it is complete, I will re-read - just so I can go from start to finish without having to wait! Absolutely brilliant and highly recommended by me.

Now, I just have to wait for book three!

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