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The Pantomime Prince by Samantha SoRelle

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When Teddy agrees to pretend to be his famous sister and take her role in a Christmas panto, he thinks his largest problem is going to be fitting into the costume tights without making it very clear to the audience it’s a man playing the part.

When flowers and letters start arriving at his dressing room from a secret admirer, he knows they’re actually meant for his sister, but he can’t help dreaming they’re for him. The whole thing has him so distracted that he crashes into the same man waiting outside the stage door not once, but twice.

Each time he runs into Dr. Basil Goodall, Teddy is charmed by the handsome, witty man. He wishes the secret admirer could be someone like him, even though he knows that’s impossible.

With the final curtain about to fall, Teddy faces losing both his time with Basil and his dream of a secret admirer. But maybe with a little Christmas magic, this fairy tale can still find its happily ever after.

The Pantomime Prince is an 8,500-word standalone short story set in Victorian London. To read it one week early and for FREE, sign up for the newsletter at It will also be available on Amazon for $0.99 on Dec 6.

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4 out of 5 (very good)

THE PANTOMIME PRINCE is a short but oh-so-sweet seasonal story about Teddy filling in on stage for his pregnant sister. Receiving flowers each performance is bittersweet when he longs for someone of his own but knowing the flowers are sent for his sister.

I won't go into detail about the story itself as I really don't want to ruin what is a little cracker of a book. Teddy makes his feelings known to the reader, giving me pause as my heart broke a little for him. Basil was a brilliant addition that had me laughing out loud.

My only wish would be that this was a longer story. I wish I could have delved a little deeper into the characters and their backstories. There are so many things I need to know. Samantha SoRelle did an amazing job of creating a short story that grabs your attention and characters that hold it from page to page. And for that reason, I want more. I don't think I'm ready to say goodbye to Teddy and Basil yet.

A fantastic read that is absolutely recommended by me.

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Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!

Samantha SoRelle grew up all over the world and finally settled in Southern California when she soaked up too much sunshine and got too lazy to move.

When she’s not writing, she’s doing everything possible to keep from writing. This has led to some unusual pastimes including but not limited to: perfecting fake blood recipes, designing her own cross-stitch patterns, and wrapping presents for tigers.

She also enjoys collecting paintings of tall ships and has lost count of the number of succulents she owns.

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