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An incredible high fantasy adventure set in a world based on familiar fairy tales, folklore, and mythology, "The Seven Spires" is an epic story of dragons, magic, conquering evil, and discovering magnificent new places.

When a fearsome creature known as Wyvern begins terrorizing Emrallt, one of the seven realms of the continent of Septer, a group of heroes are brought together seemingly by fate to rally against him. A prince, warrior, wizard, and mysterious, sorceress-like sybil try to discover why a common maiden could be the best chance their kingdoms have against Wyvern’s growing forces that threaten to dominate each and every one of the ancient, arcane spires that bind their kingdoms, and world, together.

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She reached for his leg, wanting to observe the wound. She gently cupped the bandaged appendage in her hand and steadied it with the other. The bandages were caked with blood and made for a sorrowful sight. It was only a few moments, however, before she felt a tingling in her hand. It wasn’t painful or uncomfortable—just a light prickling sensation all along where her skin made contact with the Prince’s wound.

She looked on as the color slowly returned to the Prince’s leg and, eventually, his face. His sweating stopped and his breathing returned to normal. What just happened?

The Maiden began to unwrap the bandages and then suddenly stopped for fear of hurting the Prince or exacerbating his wounds. She looked up quickly to see him slumbering peacefully. She continued to unravel the sticky bandages until they fell away.

The Prince’s shin was covered in the blood from his wrappings. It was difficult to see much at first. Then the Maiden saw…nothing. No wound, nor scar, nor scratch. There was nothing beneath the blood, except for a leg that was as whole and healthy as it had ever been. His wounds had been completely and unquestionably healed by her own hands.

4 out of 5 (very good)

THE SEVEN SPIRES is a high fantasy novel where you only learn the characters' names right at the end. Until that point, they are all known as the Warrior, the Knight, the Blue Prince, the Maiden, you get the idea. The world has seven kingdoms, each kingdom having a spire. The Maiden meets first with the Knight, followed by the Blue Prince, but then goes home. That would okay except she is followed by a dragon-child who wants what she has, although she has no idea what that is. And so the story begins...

This was a well-written fantasy that travels the length and breadth of the kingdom, giving the reader glimpses into each kingdom. The plot becomes intricate once you find out there is a dragon-child for each kingdom, and some are 'good', and some are 'bad'. The characters were a bit two-dimensional to begin with, but fleshed out as their adventures continued. The pacing is smooth as it leads to the ultimate climax, with a satisfying epilogue to let us know how the characters get on once the book ends.

If you are a fan of high fantasy, then I have no hesitation in recommending this novel to you.

* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and the comments here are my honest opinion. *


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Russell Archey has been writing since he was old enough to hold a pencil. His love for narratives, world-building, and story-telling has fed into nearly every aspect of his life: from his video and board game hobbies to pressing his most cherished books onto his unfortunate children (who will, one day, read the Lord of the Rings trilogy whether they like it or not). When he's not creating new worlds and horrifying things to threaten them with destruction, he's bringing other author's fantastic works to life as an audiobook narrator, spending time with his two children, and pressing his dear wife's eternal patience with his quirky habits.



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