The Shutout by Dianna Roman

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Sometimes love is where you least expect it, and sometimes it's right where you left it in this slow burn to steamy friends to lovers tale.

Widower, Max Hartwell, is barely keeping it together, being a single-dad, managing his law firm, and navigating life's chaos. Life after loss is too difficult for surprises, which is why Max would be lost without his reliable best friend and neighbor, Jack.

Best pitcher in the MLB, Jack Spears, is at the top of his game. He has it all, except for the one thing he wants most, which happens to be the one thing he can't have if he doesn't want his private life to overshadow his career: love. When an emotional evening reveals his biggest secret, he's faced with losing everything that matters most to him.

Can Max see him for the man he truly is, or will Jack forever be doomed to live in the shadow of the image he created as America's favorite pitcher?

Heartfelt and human, The Shutout is a story of friendship, loss, love, and the rough road to new beginnings.

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A bit of both

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Antique, baby!

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Black and white

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3 out of 5 (good)

Independent Reviewer for Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!

I liked this book, I did but it one of those NICE books, that, while a good read, I'm not really left feeling very much of anything about it, you know?

There was a lot of book, I think, that wasn't really necessary and while 2 epilogues is nice, one would have been suffice. The whole thing could have been a really great book, with 100 less pages, I thought. I found myself skimming over a lot. I didn't miss anything, either!


It's a lovely tale of a gay guy falling in love with his straight best friend. There's a nasty co-worker, some amazing friends, parental units who don't deserve the father title, and family members who really do take the closeness a bit far. Some amusing moments with Max' sister and Jack!

And then the fall out from Jack being outed to the entire world, and the closing ranks around him that he never expected.

It's all very NICE, is all. Nicely written, nicely delivered and nice.

Having said that, this appears to be the author's first book, and I would like to read more as they hone their craft.

3 good, solid nice stars

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Romcom author, Dianna Roman, believes in laughter, happily-ever-afters, unsung heroes and heroines, internal struggles, chocolate, coffee, fluffiness, talking to yourself, hard work, and above all, love.

She enjoys writing stories set in small and rural towns and about characters who don't have this thing called life quite figured out yet. Her favorite writing challenge is tackling the miscommunication trope by making it entertaining.

Dianna lives with her husband and daughter in the woods where sunsets and gardening are the reason her house may be a bit messy.

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