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TOUR, GUEST POST & #GIVEAWAY - The Strong Within Us (The Olason Chronicles #2) by J. A. Boulet

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A struggle. A war. The past. Would you recover? Nathan Olason picks up the pieces of his life in 1893 and becomes a devoted father and grandfather. Except something from his past is holding him back. His grandson, Mike grows up in a loving family with Nath almost raising him as his own. Mike develops a passion for hunting and guns, while his family supports him with trepid hearts as WWI looms. Nath feels helpless to stop this dangerous chain of events, as Mike announces that he is joining the Great War. Armed and deadly, Mike hones his marksmanship skills to a perfection not seen in any other soldier. He is taken on a wild ride of following his passions, courage and gruesome fighting, arriving at Vimy Ridge, France for the fight of his life. Nath fearing the worst, flees to a place that he thought was his salvation; an old weathered cottage that holds the key to his future. Follow in the footsteps of heroes. Be vulnerable. Would you recover?

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She was a stunning woman with beautiful long black hair, shockingly rare blue eyes and tanned skin. She was captivating and absolutely gorgeous. Ivan thought that he didn’t have a chance until he found out that she lived down by the pier with her father. He bought fish from her father regularly, trading vegetables and grains some days. Every time Ivan visited the large fishery at the pier, he was always scanning the crowd for the beautiful blue-eyed fisherman girl. He found out that she was almost the same age as himself; she was 18, and he was 19. How she had managed to remain single was something beyond his stretch of knowledge. Maybe she was too beautiful, he thought. No man was courageous enough to approach her. Until this day, he thought.

Ivan straightened his tie and proceeded to the fishery. He ran his fingers through his hair, adjusting his cowlick. The pesky tuft of hair at his crown annoyed him greatly. It seemed to have a mind of its own, especially in tense situations; it would stick up like a fork in a haystack. Otherwise, he thought that he was quite a handsome fellow, standing at six feet tall, slim but fit, with dark blonde hair, a young uneven beard and captivating green eyes. Women looked at him often, so he knew that he was attractive, but he still felt unsure of himself some days, especially around stunning women like her. Ivan pulled the door to the fishery open, unconsciously licking his hand and smoothing down the cowlick again as he stepped inside.

Inside the Mind of the Author

I dream in colour. Images can be the devil in the night or an angelic awakening.

I am both tortured and blessed with imagination. I never really had a choice in the matter. I was always a writer from an early age, communicating best by letters, poetry or prose. This was just my thing. Anytime I needed to get my point across, I would describe it with vivid imagery.

I love writing fiction. It takes me to a different dimension. A place where I can create people, places and things; families that bond and feud, wars that mercilessly kill the innocent and heroes that overcome anything. It’s a world where I can connect with characters in their own homes and hearts. Imagination is a fusion of alternative life, fiction and artistry.

I have always looked at it as a gift. My imagination was not something I worked on or developed. It was just always there, like a rat in a cage.

I released the rat, don’t worry, she’s nice and even funny, sometimes. She weaves tales of love, hope, joy and enormous obstacles. It’s like going on a journey with your best friend on a warm summer day.

Until I stop writing. Then if I dare to close the door to the cage, all hell breaks loose. She screams, cries and infiltrates my dreams with colourful imaginary people, beasts and events. Most often my dreams are hilarious. I fly in my dreams when it becomes too intense. Usually, I wake up shortly afterwards. But sometimes, my dreams ventureonto a dark level, entering the nightmarish realms. This is when my imaginationcatapults me intoanemotionalwhirlpool, threatening me with disturbing storiesstarring myself as the main character.

These are the days that I know I need to start writing again and let her out of the cage.

Thank you for reading and I hope I didn’t scare you. My books will tear your emotions apart, bring you to your knees and lift you back up with tears of joy. Join me for the ride with The Strong Within Us.

A big thanks to Archaeolibrarian for having me! Thanks so much and keep smiling!

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J. A. Boulet is the passionate author of The Olason Chronicles, a historical saga of war, courage, love and strength. The Strong Within Us Book 2 was released on Amazon November 11, 2020. J. A. Boulet was born and raised in Western Canada as a first generation Canadian from European descent. Her father was enlisted with the Hungarian military and fought bravely during the Hungarian Revolution, changing sides to stand up for what he believed in. He was granted asylum in Canada and built his family here.

J. A. Boulet was born many years later, raised with strong morals and values, which she stands behind to this day. She started writing poetry at the age of five and progressed to short stories and novels. She has a keen interest in settlers, healing, family bonds and military history. J. A. Boulet writes with a spine-tingling realism like none other, grabbing your emotions and refusing to let go. The Strong Within Us Book 2 will be the book you’ve been waiting for.

She currently lives in Canada with her two teenaged sons and a crested gecko named Mossio.


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