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TOUR, GUEST POST & #GIVEAWAY - The Tiger Like Me by Kelsey Lee

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This is the story of Abhi, a brave young girl who dares to be different. As she follows the call of her adventurous spirit, she encounters inspiring creatures of the jungle who remind her to face her fears, recognize the beauty of the present moment, and walk the path less travelled.

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Day by day we use our voice, not only for noise but for speaking our choice.

Night by night, we move through fear; we know this is how to pioneer. Beyond our worry, the way shines clear, and the thoughts that limit us, soon disappear.

We are all diverse, yet one and the same. No matter the challenge, break the chain. Shine like a star to be who you are.

Raise your voice with vigour, to see your potential grow bigger. This is your gift, so be as you are. If you forget your way, then look to the stars.

In the darkness of night, shoot for the moon. Always remember, the light returns soon.

Respond to criticisms you’ve received of your genre or your work, in particular

Anytime we share a creative project with others, we are opening ourselves to vulnerability, and it takes great courage to be vulnerable. As Brene Brown so eloquently put it, "vulnerability is not winning or losing. It's having the courage to show up when you can't control the outcome." At times, fear and resistance hold many of us back (myself included) from sharing our ideas or creative projects. This aversion is often rooted in doubts about how others will respond to our expression. Releasing our work into the world is the ultimate exposure, and thus equates to ultimate vulnerability.

When I wrote The Tiger Like Me, I wanted to share a character that inspires courage, curiosity, and individual expression, while acknowledging diversity and friendship. This is what the main character, Abhi, and the book as a whole represent. Recently I had an individual criticize me personally for writing a story about a girl from India. This person believed that I, as a Caucasian woman, had no place writing a story about an Indian girl. I am a well-traveled and well-cultured individual with a genuine love for India and the many cultures within that beautiful country. My book was written to inspire and honor diversity. As humans, we are all individuals from different places, appearing in various shapes, sizes, colors, and personalities. Yet, we are all the same because we are all beings of this Earth. If someone disagrees with my perspective, that is their right. Though I feel my outlook is worth sharing to help bring about more love into this world, and not more hate.

We all walk our own realities, and if someone reacts contrary to my belief or doubts my genuine appreciation for all beings, who am I to judge their perspective? For me, this is an acceptance of "winning" or "losing," a receipt of receiving praise or criticism. Some readers will love this book; some won't. This acknowledgment of admiration or disapproval is what allowed me to pursue creating it. If The Tiger Like Me helps one person recognize the value of being unique, then any negative feedback is worth the effort of bringing this book to life.

One of my favorite authors and creative advocates, Steven Pressfield, has said, "It's better to be in the arena, getting stomped by the bull, than to be up in the stands or out in the parking lot." I think all authors, artists, musicians, parents, teachers, laborers, professionals, and every being sharing their authentic selves in whatever way they choose, feel honored about their contribution to this world. We don't need to like everyone's expression, but we also don't need to bring others down because their views differ from ours. Love, not hate, this is what helps the world go around.

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Kelsey Lee is a writer and adventurer who lives in Calgary, Alberta. With a diverse background from business owner to yoga teacher, most often, you can find her writing, working with children, and exploring all that nature has to offer. Kelsey finds daily inspiration to value child-like curiosity and empathy through her two children, and her work in Equine Therapy. As a free-spirited child herself, Kelsey has always believed that anyone could achieve their wildest dreams, no matter how far-reaching. She passionately encourages self-empowerment and self-esteem, as The Tiger Like Me, aims to support the reader in honouring their individuality to be courageously unique, and playfully curious.




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