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Alone in a hunting cabin, off-grid in an untamed wilderness. How does a marriage come to this? After John disappeared while hunting—presumed dead from a bear attack—Cameron found the crime photos. His role in the recent Seattle serial murders was discovered. The media destroyed her reputation. She lost her dental practice, is on the brink of losing her home. Everyone has a secret. But if her husband could hide the unimaginable from her, who’s to say he’s truly dead? “What brings you so far from home?” the Alaska State Trooper had asked. The truth.

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“I shot her myself. Beautiful, isn’t she?”

Cameron turned toward the motel manager with wide eyes. “I didn’t know wolves were that big.” It was larger than the mountain lions she’d seen at the Woodland Park Zoo. The ferocity of its bared sharp fangs sent goosebumps up her arms.

“The wolves in the lower forty-eight are nothing like the ones up here. The farther north you go, the bigger they get. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to trap one on your trip.” She pointed to the beast directly behind Cameron. “She was nearly one hundred and eighty pounds. A record in Southeast Fairbanks County.”

Cameron looked back at the huge creature. “Was it here? In Tok?”

“No. But they’re around here. I shot this one northeast of here, near Eagle. It’s closer to the Canadian border. The one in your room is a little smaller, but not much.”

My room? Cameron turned to see if the woman was joking, but Valerie’s face showed no hint of a smile. Cameron did her best to suppress the shudder that ran through her body.

She started for the door, but Valerie continued.

“I might get a chance to go hunting again soon. There’s been reports of rabid wolves in the Yukon-Charley Rivers area northeast of here. Wolves infected with rabies are much more likely to attack subspecies—and humans—so the state might open aerial hunting of them. The disease throws them into a violent rage. And what’s more…they lose their fear of people.”

Am I giving off a vibe that says I’m dying to know about wolves? “Hope there’s none of those around here,” Cameron said.

“Not yet, anyway.”

Cameron tore her eyes away from the beast and glanced at Valerie before opening the door. For the first time since Cameron asked about Bethany, the woman’s smile had returned.

3 out of 5 (good)

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This is the second book of Cole's I've read, and I think, the last. I had pretty much the same feeling about this one as I had about the other book I read.

Cameron is mourning her husband and finds a memory stick that sends her life into a tailspin. Finding out your husband is a serial killer is bad enough, but thinking he might not actually be dead and that he implicated her? She knows what she needs to do.

Sometimes, you need a book that has everything laid out for you very early on, and you can see exactly where it's gonna go, what's gonna happen and it veers very little from that long straight road. And I think, that this is such a book.

You put everything together quickly enough, putting all the pieces on the board and watching them do their thing. There was a few minor twists and turns, but none that were total shockers.

I did like the way Cameron dealt with the situation she found herself in, and that little bit at the end that did actually leave me wondering!

I can't say it was a Nice book, because of the subject matter, but it really is a relatively easy read that wiled away a few hours. I'm just sorry it really wasn't one for me.

While it isn't for me, what is here is well written, well delivered and well edited.

3 good, but not for me, stars.

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Audrey J. Cole is a registered nurse and a USA Today bestselling author of thrillers set in Seattle. Audrey J. Cole is a USA TODAY bestselling thriller author. Before writing full time, she worked as a neonatal intensive care nurse for eleven years. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and two children.

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