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Blurb Blitz & #Giveaway: The Girl in the '67 Beetle by Linda Lenhoff

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The art director of Kids Press, Amy Shepherd has been assigned to reinvent the story of Goldilocks, and she finds her own life reflecting a similar tale. Will she fall for a man who’s a little too old (but exciting), a man who’s a little too young (but awfully exciting looking), or a man who’s just right, at least as far as her friends are concerned? Or will she bring Goldilocks’ story—and her own—up to date with a little help from high-technology and the Goldilocks Planet theory? Amy will have to decide how her own tale will end, all the while driving her beloved powder blue convertible through the streets of Santa Monica, where she has become known as the Girl in the ’67 Beetle, the only thing in her life that, so far at least, feels just right.

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Working at Kids Press in Santa Monica, California,

does not mean that I have to wear primary colors

or polka dot jumpers, but it does have its perks,

one of them being that if I did show up in primary colors or

a polka dot jumper, no one would much care. I am the Co-

Director of Artistic Endeavors, according to my boss, a cheerful

entrepreneur named Nelson. My title is even printed on my

business cards, which I always forget to carry, maybe because

they’re shaped like little artist’s palettes. There is of course

another Co-Director of Artistic Endeavors named Chris (short

for Christopher, which he doesn’t much like being called),

who’s about my age. I have heard him use his full title when

he answers his phone, saying “This is Chris, Co-Director of

Artistic Endeavors.” Sometimes, he even adds, “What would

you like to fingerpaint today?” He gets quite a few hang-ups,

but maybe that’s his intent. I usually tell people I’m the co-art

director and leave it at that. I leave most of the phone answering

to Chris, anyway. It’s a thing with him.

“Ugh,” I hear from the front of the office, meaning our

administrative assistant and all-around super helpful person,

Kelly, has arrived. She’s about twenty-two and has blonde

surfer girl looks she cannot stand about herself, which those of

us whose blonde hair isn’t quite so light and shiny anymore just

can’t understand. Kelly lives out in the Valley, and although

it isn’t that far if you’re a bird flying directly—a big strong

bird, say—it can take an age to get here on the cracked, hot

freeway, given that every single other person in L.A. drives a

car, too.

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Linda Lenhoff has worked in publishing as a writer and editor for several years, having edited nearly everything from makeup techniques (apply blush up and over the “apples” of your cheeks) at Seventeen Magazine to migraine studies (cut back on that chocolate) at research institutes. She has earned an MFA in Creative Writing, and her next novel, *Your Actual Life May Vary, will be published in 2022. Linda lives in California’s Bay Area with her husband and daughter.

Contact Linda at (925) 784-9393,, Author photo by Haley Nelson.

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