Trick of the Spotlight (A Series of Falling Stars #1) by M.L. East

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They say to never meet your heroes. What about your idols?

K-Pop: a niche market turned global phenomenon. Topping the charts is Vortex, the genre’s hottest group yet. Cue ex-Ohioan Kit Allister, still trying to find her way after dropping out of college. When the Vortex Wave hits America, she is swept up in the craze along with millions of other fans. Her rendition of Vortex's “Delusion”—the debut heard around the world—catches the eye of a talent scout online and hurtles Kit down her own whirlwind path to stardom. Against all odds, she debuts in Seoul under the same agency as Vortex. Yet, there’s much more to them than meets the eye, and Kit might be out of her depth in an industry riddled with secrets, scandal, and shady business…

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5 out of 5 (exceptional)

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Kit is a rising K-pop star who is doing everything she can to be as successful as her idols vortex she has a crush on one of the members how far will it go?

Oh my gosh, parts of this book had me completely broken! I have never known so many torn emotions swirling around at once. The relationships of everyone involved are almost like a vortex, there are so many moments where my heart was breaking for one character and getting angry at another at the same time.

There are some very important topics covered in this book in my opinion, and I think it would be a good read for anybody who is struggling to be able to be true to themselves. It takes you on a tempestuous journey of romance, heartache, the highs and lows of being famous and the behind the scenes issues and trauma that stars have to deal with in order to keep a picture-perfect world.

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M.L. lives with many imaginary pets in an apartment (well-fortified against netizens) in an undisclosed location (that is definitely not Ohio). She's been reading and writing books, poems, and lyrics since age three or four-ish, back when paper was a thing. Her debut novel "Trick of the Spotlight" brings us a scandalous exposé of the K-Pop music industry. A Series of Falling Stars is inspired by events recounted (in strict confidence) by a former (totally non-fictitious) acquaintance who found herself swept up in the destructive vortex of a certain 5-man group.

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