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NBtM & #Giveaway: Vindictive Too by Ryan Lawrence

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The best revenge never includes forgiveness. To truly punish the guilty, something worse must be done to them. A chain of vengeful events is set in motion when a man's brutally murdered body is found in an alley behind a seedy bar. Inspector Declan James is put on the victim's case, only to discover his intimate connection to the slain man. After a not-by-chance meeting with the mysterious Véronique, a woman on a mission to right a terrible wrong, Declan finds himself mired in an intricate web of corruption, lies, and coverups. Marie and Jacques Bergé, the owners of the internationally renowned Château Bergé, act publically as the pinnacle of society and wealth, but behind closed doors, their lives are in turmoil. From Marie's erratic behaviour and bizarre disappearances to Jacques's not-so-secret love for another woman, Fairporte's "it" couple teeters on the edge of destruction. In the shadows, a bearded man, powerful and dark of heart, secretly orchestrates his machiavellian manoeuvres from a place of sadism and despair. From the bustling core to the rustic outskirts of Fairporte, ON, secrets, suffering, and rage are found everywhere. As the cruel desire pain, the wronged seek retribution, and the fragile break, will anyone get their revenge before death or madness claim them?

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“Jules, you’re the best,” Jacques stated as a big smile appeared across his handsome, chiselled face. Instinctively, he reached across the table and placed his hand on top of hers. “I can always count on you.”

“Jacques, we’re in public,” Jules whispered, retracting her entire arm. She saw several of the high-end restaurant’s patrons eyeing them curiously. Their piqued interest crafted brazen, sly smiles on their soon-to-be gossiping mouths.

Jules glared daggers at the spectators; they all quickly shrank back, intimidated by her ferocious sneer. She did not care about anyone’s opinion or judgment, but she refused to back down from her public stance that she and Jacques were solely business associates and close friends. If Marie was in the picture, there could be nothing else between them.

“I don’t care!” Jacques roared. “I want to hold your hand. Quand je dis que je t’aime je le pense vraiment! When I say I love you, I really mean it!”

Jules rolled her eyes and, in a low voice, replied, “What does love have to do with anything? I know you love me, but we’ve been over this. You can’t have it both ways. As long as you’re with that basket case you call a wife, we can’t—oh, whatever. I’m not talking about this. Speaking of Marie, one of my favourite topics, have you heard anything?” Jules’s sarcasm was on full show.

“Oh, Jules!” Jacques cried, frustrated. He knew it had been reductive to say he loved her, but for once, he wanted to completely forget about Marie, her issues, and his life outside of this moment with Jules. Admitting defeat, Jacques stiffened up, arched his back, placed his hands in his lap, and answered Jules’s question.

“No, not yet. Marie left for her session without me. She’s very upset about what I said to her regarding the twins. Marie is not a basket case, Jules. She’s troubled. And she’s the mother of my children. Can’t you show just a little compassion? Or some respect for her? I mean, come on, you drove her right out of the party last night, and she never returned!”

Jules shrugged and ate some more of her salad.

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Ryan Lawrence was born and raised in Guelph, ON, and he is a graduate of the University of Guelph in English Literature. Ryan lives in London, ON, with his husband, Todd, their cat Dora, and his massive comic book collection that once fell on Todd. He's okay.

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