Violet Spark (Butterfly Witch #1) by Erin Kellison & Elsa Jade

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Imogen Taylor: Artist. College dropout. Gamer. Screwup.

I had big plans for art school in California, but when the best mom in the world—mine—needed help, I came home to Arbolito, Arizona instead. I even got my old high school job back, making smoothies at the Desert Freeze…in winter.

So, yeah, by day, my life is a cold, tropical-hued hell. But at night, I escape reality by plugging into my favorite video game, Legendelirium, to become a powerful, sexy witch, going on epic quests while vanquishing baddies.

Until a cute guy from my gaming world shows up at work, gives me the worst kiss ever, and my reality and fantasy lives get blended by purple goo laced with lethal, nanorobotic technology.

Now, I’ve got powers—strange, witchy ones. Scary people are after me, and I don’t know who to trust. And, get this. Somehow, it's up to me to defeat them, or it's game over.

Enter the fast, fun, urban fantasy adventure of the BUTTERFLY WITCH series, where magic and science become one—mostly accidentally.

* This is a standalone first book in the brand-new BUTTERFLY WITCH series. Contains swearing, some intense action scenes (low gore), super-slow-burn romantic interest (also low gore), and does not end on a cliffhanger—but, yeah, there's more to come! *

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4 out of 5 (very good)

VIOLET SPARK is the first book in The Butterfly Witch series. Mo (Imogen) has a normal life - in that she has dropped out of school to look after her mom, is Manager at the local Desert Freeze shop, and games until she can no longer keep her eyes open. She can't see that changing anytime soon, but when another gamer kisses her in the shop, her life explodes into something she never expected.

If you are expecting Mo to understand what is going on, to have all the answers there, to look divine, without a care in the world, then I'm afraid you've got the wrong book! Mo is completely realistic in her reactions to what is going on. You are with her all the way as she keeps the reader informed of her feelings and decisions through internal monologues.

One thing I loved (without spoilers) is both Mo and her mom are not taking any prisoners! They are not princesses to await rescue. They'll rescue themselves, thank you very much!!!

A great start to the series that I feel only dips beneath the surface. Looking forward to reading further in this series. Absolutely recommended by me.

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ERIN KELLISON is the bestselling author of the Dragons of Bloodfire series, the Reveler series, and the Shadow series. She writes urban fantasy, paranormal romance, and science fiction romance. She loves other worlds and visits them as often as possible via movies and books and her kids' imaginations. When not daydreaming or writing, she's goofing off with her family in sunny Arizona. Find out more at

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ELSA JADE grew up reading SFF, buying the biggest books she could with her chore money. While she loved the action, adventure, and exciting worlds, most of those stories were missing…kissing! Now she reads and writes paranormal romance and science fiction romance which she thinks mix the best of all worlds.

She also writes urban fantasy romance as Jessa Slade and sexy contemporary romance as Jenna Dales.

She spends most of her time at her computer thinking about stories, in her garden thinking about stories, or walking her dog thinking about stories. Hmm, she thinks there’s a theme…

You can find her online at the social media sites below. If she's there, tell her to get back to writing!

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