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Tour: Waking Up Lost (Adirondack Spirit Series #4) by David Fitz-Gerald

Book details:

Book Title: Waking Up Lost – A Mystical Fantasy Adventure

Series: The Adirondack Spirit Series

Author: David Fitz-Gerald

Publication Date: December, 2021

Publisher: Outskirts Press

Page Length: 263 Pages

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Traveling without warning. Nights lost to supernatural journeys. Is one young man fated to wander far from safety?

New York State, 1833. Noah Munch longs to fit in. Living with a mother who communes with ghosts and a brother with a knack for heroics, the seventeen-year-old wishes he were fearless enough to discover an extraordinary purpose of his own. But when he mysteriously awakens in the bedroom of the two beautiful daughters of the meanest man in town, he realizes his odd sleepwalking ability could potentially be deadly. Convinced that leaving civilization is the only way to keep himself and others safe, Noah pursues his dream of becoming a mountain man and slips away into the primeval woods. But after a strong summer storm devastates his camp, the troubled lad finds his mystical wanderings have only just begun. Can Noah find his place before he’s destroyed by a ruthless world? Waking Up Lost is the immersive fourth book in the Adirondack Spirit Series of historical fiction. If you like coming-of-age adventures, magical realism, and stories of life on the American frontier, then you’ll love David Fitz-Gerald’s compelling chronicle. Buy Waking Up Lost to map out destiny today!

Trigger Warnings:

Rape, torture, cruelty to animals, sex, violence.

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4 out of 5 (very good)

WAKING UP LOST continues the Adirondack Spirit series with Mehitable's son, Noah. He can't move as fast as his brother, Moses; nor can he see ghosts. What he does do is travel whilst asleep. And I deliberately use that phrase as there is no way he could walk!

He doesn't have it easy in that the girl he likes has been 'claimed' by the town bully, whose sister has set her sights on Noah! So Noah gets warned twice - keep away from his girl and keep away from his sister. He tries to, bless him, but Dorcas isn't so easily persuaded. In fact, Noah does everything he can to have a normal life, but his travels make that increasingly difficult.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Noah's tribulations although there was no explanation given for them. Instead, Noah also becomes adept at speaking with ghosts, just like his mum, and they help get him out of some deadly situations.

This is old-worldly and other-worldly, both things that stir my interest. I enjoyed meeting up with old friends and learning about new ones. I found this book to be gripping and I have no hesitation in recommending it.

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Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!

David Fitz-Gerald writes fiction that is grounded in history and soars with the spirits. Dave enjoys getting lost in the settings he imagines and spending time with the characters he creates. Writing historical fiction is like making paintings of the past. He loves to weave fact and fiction together, stirring in action, adventure, romance, and a heavy dose of the supernatural with the hope of transporting the reader to another time and place. He is an Adirondack 46-er, which means he has hiked all of the highest peaks in New York State, so it should not be surprising when Dave attempts to glorify hikers as swashbuckling superheroes in his writing.

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