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When the Glow Lights the Woods by Eule Grey

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#MM, #Dystopian, #YA, #Romance, #Seasonal, #Fantasy,

A snowy story of healing, birds, and the magic of connection.

The Wall? Who gives a snowman’s kiss about when the wars ended, or who built the divide that goes all the way around the planet? Whatever!

All anyone cares about is Christmas, when one lucky person gets to date someone from the other side. Who will it be this year?

Eighteen-year-old Kite Ripples loves birds, animals, and gazing at stars. He’s a good brother to leader, Mal. Mostly. As teacher, it’s Kite’s responsibility to dispel the rumours about people on the other side being robots—just a myth, right? Deep down, he understands no human is better, or worse, than any other. And, if he dreams of meeting a guy like him—who wants to kiss—it doesn’t mean Kite’s a rebel. Not he!

Manu Feathers, also eighteen, lives on the other side. Gets into trouble. Likes boys. Breaks laws and wants more. Like everyone, he’s fixated on those over the divide—simultaneously scared and excited by rumours of too much sex. It’s a lot to get your head round.

Kite is selected to climb under the Wall, and it’s the best Christmas present ever. But nothing goes to plan. Instead of picking the perfect boy, all he notices is the guy on the end, acting out. Who’d choose a nuisance like him?

Can the highest Wall prevent first love? Can a kiss heal a baby bird?

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4 out of 5 (very good)

Independent Reviewer for Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!

Kite lives in a community where things are scarce and they struggle. They live and survive on what they are able to grow and produce throughout the year. When it comes close to Christmas there is a special tradition that takes place where there is a chosen person who travels through a magic tunnel to a door into the future. Can both the future and the past come together to create the perfect balance that they all need?

This is a lovely story with lots of feelings involved and a lot of growth. It feels like she has dug deep and almost out some of her feelings and intertwined them with her characters. Kite has such a heartwarming persona about him, it made me want to take him under my wing to help him progress and grow. I'm so pleased he didn't give up and fought for what he thought was right.

Well done, Eule, on a captivatingly written story that I recommend

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Eule Grey, author, has travelled all over and settled, for now, in the UK. Her mind, however, is often up in the clouds or away with the fairies. Some might call her fey!

Eule loves books, pets, and happy endings. Adversely, she also enjoys reading a creepy horror story, though she isn’t very brave.

Best of all, Eule adores creating cuddly, sparkling romances. She also writes all kinds of other queer stories and refuses to be squeezed into only one genre—she just isn’t tidy enough!

Eule currently writes for NineStar Press and JMS Books.

Pronouns: She or they.

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