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Tour & #Giveaway: Wicked Crown (The Wicked, #1) by Luna Joya

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She’s not who—or what—she appears to be. Neither is he.

Supermodel Vori would be happy to stay in the human world, blissfully ignoring her true nature. But no. The blood vow she once made requires her to return to the Goblin Court. And since going alone would mean consenting to an arranged marriage, she needs a fake husband. Someone no one would miss if there was an unfortunate…accident. Vori knows the perfect villain for the job.

Witch Perry used to be a hotshot lawyer. But that was before he made all the wrong choices, wound up in league with a demon, and was left to rot in prison. Now, he has a second chance. He can finally earn his redemption. Too bad his last hope is the woman he ghosted two years ago.

It’s not long before Vori and Perry realize they aren’t as different as they thought—and that the line between enemies and lovers can be razor thin. But if they want their happily ever after, they’ll first have to stop a supernatural killer and survive a royal smackdown. Should be easy for a goblin princess and her dashing antihero, right?

If only.

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“Goblin.” The word tasted sour on Perry’s tongue. He pressed as far into the leather seats as he could. The material creaked beneath him from the pressure of fighting for one more inch.

They needed to go now. He hadn’t made it this far by standing still as easy prey. He opened his parched mouth to demand the not-a-mobster get them out of there, but more words wouldn’t come. He could out-argue anyone, and this creature had robbed him of speech.

“We n…n…” He swallowed to stop the stammer. “We need to go before it comes back.”

“Ooh, I’d be careful.” Alys used her damned nursery rhyme-reciting voice. “She doesn’t like when you call her an ‘it.’ That’s dehumanizing.”

She? What was the crazy woman talking about? Oh, the goblin.

He had to get out of here. Maybe he could distract it. Or trick it into falling into the canyon that was only inches away from the Hummer’s passenger side. He jerked on the door handle. Locked. He slid his hands, slick with sweat, along the leather, fumbling for the control.

With a shove, he opened the door and almost crashed into Vori.

“Perry.” His supermodel blinked those enormous violet eyes at him. That’s right. Stare at her eyes and not at her naked...

She draped an arm across her breasts, covering her nipples but not much else. Long dark hair that was so straight and shiny she must’ve spent hours in a salon fell over her shoulders. Her cheeks were rosy, flushed as if she’d tumbled out of bed. That image sent all his thoughts careening off course. What had he been doing? Why was his heart racing? Oh yes, terrifying monster outside.

“Get in here.” Grabbing her wrist, he remembered how delicate she was beneath that tough exterior. She was tall but so graceful and thin. He yanked her inside, almost on top of him and slammed the door shut.

Alone, he could’ve risked his safety in running from the beast.

But not with her.

All her creamy skin might bruise or mark so easily. Didn’t goblins steal away beautiful women in the fairy tales? If he’d learned anything from the few years his father had bothered to stick around, it’d been that stories had some truth. Look at the legends of the old hags that had been rooted in the witch Senate. Or the very existence of the creature he’d seen outside.

He glanced out the window. She’d been out there alone, unarmed. Anything could’ve happened to her.

“You could’ve been hurt. Killed.” A need to protect her rushed over him. He could do for her what everyone had failed to do for his sister Lili. He wouldn’t lose Vori. “We have to go. Maybe we can outrun it.” And the guards that had been following them.

“It?” She sounded hurt, as if he’d sliced her with his words.

He’d said something wrong, but what? “The goblin? Did you see it? How did you get past it?”

She slid a hand up his chest, pulling him tighter, not pushing him away.

Relief slammed into him. She’d seen it. She’d escaped it. She’d managed to find them after doing whatever it was she’d jumped out of the car to do, and now she was pressed against him. Naked and stunning and perfect.

She curved her lips into a seductive smile. “I am it.”

Luna Joya writes sexy hexy romances in the award-winning Legacy Series.

Fluent in sarcasm and penal code, Luna prosecutes by day and writes at night. She loves history, especially Los Angeles and Hollywood lore.

A survivor of traumatic brain injury with steel body parts, she lives in SoCal with her combat veteran husband and their two-pound terror of a rescue pup.

Find more about Luna Joya on her website:

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