Wilde Moon (Wildeward Academy #5) by Gwyneira Blythe


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Time to take London by storm.

My name is Lady Victoria Grey.

In Gilded Age London with its gaslamp streets, Witchy High Society sets their own terms upon me: join them or perish alone. The wizards and vampires also want their cut of my magic. If I don’t join a faction, I could lose it all. Have I walked into a cage of my own making?

More allies’ lives are in my bloody hands, while five men of Wildeward hold my heart: Doyle, my vampire; Jekyll and Hyde, my werewolf and my hellwolf; Frankie, my fey monster; but it is Achoris, the blind oracle who has yet to complete our inner circle.

The heat of the Crone’s summer breeds vengeance. With Hunters and enemies at every turn, finding a safe harbor is essential, but a house isn’t a home unless my heart resides within. If I don’t claim all of my consorts soon and take the final step, my bloodright will slip through my fingers leaving that seducing enchantress to claim all that is mine.

A confrontation is fast approaching. Blood calls us to our origins. So why can’t I put Wildeward behind me? Everything will come full circle under a moon so dark the blood turns wild.

The conclusion of Victoria’s why choose story has some m/m content and is a non-bully romance. Recommended for mature readers.

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5 out of 5 (exceptional)

WILDE MOON is the fifth and final book in the Wildeward Academy series (so far; I'm holding out hope for more) and we start where we finished -- with Victoria and her Coterie in London, plenty to prove and so many opportunities to do so, whether they want to or not.

My word! Hold onto your hats, folks, because you're in for a bumpy ride. And please take a deep breath as you're going to need it! This book doesn't stop! You know how in some books, you have moments of action, followed by moments of rest? Yeah, well, that doesn't happen here. It's all-go from the very beginning. And although I felt worn out afterwards, I wouldn't change a single moment.

Achoris is the 'main guy' in this book but, don't worry, you'll get plenty of the others too, plus some action with all of them. Phew! It's hot in here. There is no chance of confusing these guys either. They are so individual and make their voices heard amongst the tumult of Victoria's crazy life.

There are plenty of loose ends to tie up in this novel, and Ms Blythe does so admirably. And she kept me waiting until near the end but then... MY PLEAS HAVE BEEN HEARD!!!! The Lodge returns! I'm so happy with the way things turned out. The Coterie gets larger but the inner circle remains as is, although the bonds are tighter once Achoris accepts he may not know everything after all.

What a finale! I loved every word and really didn't want it to finish, but I'm glad it has, in the way it has, if that makes sense?! This was an outstanding series with quirks and individuality in a genre that can become almost boring.

This author is definitely on my go-to list, and I highly recommend this book and this series but, please, start from the beginning and lose yourself in a world of blood, sex, and magic.

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Gwyneira Blythe is a romance novel junkie with a love of all things witchy, paranormal, and historical, plus the occasional dashes of sci-fi when the mood hits.

She loves stroopwafels with her hot beverages, believes there will never be a thing as too much garlic, lives for ASMR music while writing, and deep down holds tight to the belief that magic is real and in all of us.

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