Winter's Heart by J.E. Taylor

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Myths. Magic. And a prophecy realized.

Lisa Winters is supposed to save the small town of Opal from destruction with magic she does not possess. The white tiger has awoken, and he wants revenge on the people who betrayed him, as well as the sorceress who bound him in frost.

Lisa was not that witch. And yet, everyone believes she is the fated one. The one who will finally end the white tiger's reign of terror.

Even her mentor, Herk, thinks so.

Lisa doesn't want to let anyone down, but she can barely start a fire with a match and lighter fluid, let alone do anything magical.

That is, until the moment she meets the white tiger.

His majestic beauty stirs deep within her soul. Her magic, dormant for so long, sparks to life like a shooting star streaking across the universe.

But as the burst fades, so does her strength, leaving her vulnerable to the tiger's wrath.

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4 out of 5 (very good)

WINTER'S HEART is a standalone novella about a prophecy, a girl, and a tiger. Who doesn't love a story like that?

Whilst there are romantic elements to this story, it isn't the only part. Lisa has been foretold for years as the saviour of the village, even though she has no magic to show for it. When killings start happening, it appears the white tiger is back and Lisa must kill it. Of course, it's not that simple.

I read this book in one sitting and enjoyed most of it. There didn't seem to be any punishment (or explanation) for Herk's behaviour towards Lisa and it was just glossed over after she had a 'word' with him.

The rest of it was better. I loved the descriptions of the village and the forests, especially that of the tiger. I would love to see a follow on from this story, seeing how Lisa and Elijah get on and how their budding romance develops.

A quick coffee break book that I definitely recommend.

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J.E. Taylor is an award winning, USA Today Bestselling author, a publisher, an editor, a mother, a wife, a business analyst, and a Supernatural fangirl, not necessarily in that order. She first sat down to seriously write in February of 2007 after her daughter asked:

“Mom, if you could do anything, what would you do?”

From that moment on, she hasn’t looked back.

In addition to being co-owner of Novel Concept Publishing (www.novelconceptpublishing), Ms. Taylor also moonlights as a Senior Editor of Allegory (, an online venue for Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror.

She lives in Connecticut with her husband and two children and during the summer months enjoys her weekends on the shore in southern Maine.

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