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Wolvenguard (Gen-Heirs: The Guardians of Sziveria #7) by Sarah Westill


To find the assassin responsible for murdering her family, Lucianna Castien is willing to do anything. Even commit treason.

Once Cia learns a wanted felon may have the answers she seeks, she sets off unaccompanied to the hazardous Uninhabited Zone of New Columbia. Still training to become a guardian, she’s unprepared for the confrontation with one of Sziveria’s most dangerous criminals. All hope of finding the truth is lost when she’s thrown into a cell and left for dead.

Complicated missions are nothing new for Deklan Ralston, the Arch Guardian of Wolvenguard. Bonded to three wolves, Deklan makes quick work of even the worst situations. Rescuing a wayward guardian and returning an escaped convict, will prove to be no challenge. But the beast master didn’t count on the young woman turning his entire world upside down.

Tenacious, sexy, and refusing to take no for an answer, Cia continues to run headlong into danger. Deklan must do everything in his power to keep her safe, even as he opposes his nature to claim her for his own. A fight Cia is determined he lose as she convinces the arch guardian the passion smoldering between them is worth igniting….

5 out of 5 (exceptional)

WOLVENGUARD is the seventh book in the Gen-Heirs: The Guardians of Sziveria series. It does follow on from the previous books, so I would recommend you read those first, otherwise, you will be lost in the story arc.

Cia is a woman older in experience than her nineteen years. She has faced - and lost - too much, more than older people have. She is also focused on vengeance? Revenge? Something else? Take your pick. Whichever word you choose will be the right one. She is impetuous and quick-witted and will do whatever it takes to get her man, and you can decide for yourself which man I'm on about!

Deklan is the Wolvenguard, bonded to three wolves of very distinct personalities. He is restrained and methodical, well aware of how others see him, and has his own past baggage to contend with. When he is sent after an escaped prisoner and Cia, he will stop at nothing to bring them both back.

Oh, boy. Where to start? Can I just simply say I loved it all and leave it at that? No? Okay, then.

First of all, the relationship between Cia and Deklan. It takes time as Deklan has his issues to work through. Luckily for them both, his dad is on hand with helpful advice. I loved how it was all there from the start, but not an easy ride. Their relationship takes time to build, to really become all it could be. And, trust me, there's still room even after the book is finished. I'd love to see more of these two in future books, just as the others have made cameos here.

Secondly, the wolves. How gorgeous are they? And how well described? I will admit to being a little surprised when it came to the bond though. Because of how one of them reacted when he first met Cia, I thought it would be him. But I was wrong and it was perfect! Especially Markus' comment at the end.

Which leads me to the third - MARKUS AND BELLA ARE HERE!!!! If you follow my reviews, you know I am LOVING the series Bella and her Beast Master. Well, guess what? This series takes place after that one, so I got a sneaky peek into their future. I can't tell you how much I loved it when everything slotted into place.

Anyway, Voklane is next. The mysterious man who is always on hand with a plan. As will all books in this series, I honestly can't wait!

Simply outstanding, but please read from the beginning of the series. You won't regret it. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by me.

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* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and the comments here are my honest opinion. *


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