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10 Erotic Short Stories Vol.1 by Goran Radanovic

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10 Erotic Short Stories Vol 1 is a collection of the best stories from the blog It contains various erotic themes such as BDSM, exotic dancers, MILF and cuckold.

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4 out of 5 (very good)

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10 erotic-themed stories including BDSM, cuckold, threesomes and infidelity.

That is what the blurb says, and that is what you get!

These stories are short and steamy and sexy and they all come with a bit of a twist. I didn't see them coming with the first few but after that, I took to seeing what that twist would be and mostly? I was wrong!

The only thing is, I know they were short, it says the book is 60 odd pages and for ten stories in those 60 odd pages, they have got to be short. And for ME, they were just a tad TOO short, you know? I was just getting into the tale, and boom, its done.

I found them steamy enough, without being too over the top. The steam level I would put at 4 out 5.


For delivering exactly what it says on the tin, and giving me a delightful, sexy read between 2 much longer, heavier books...

4 stars

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Goran Radanovic is a romance writer, who enjoys making his characters' lives hell. Tension, friction and death are ubiquitious in his books. Radanovic's first book, Shatter Self-Limiting Beliefs, was a memoir/self-help. Wanting to satisfy his desire to push the boundaries, he ventured into fiction and wrote his first novel, My Wife and Girlfriend.

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