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3 is the magic number (The Flamingo Bar #3) by J.P. Sayle

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Can close proximity provide Jake, Bailey, and Sam the chance to find out if three is the magic number?

Jake’s search for love, the one thing that has been missing from his life, leads him to not one, but two men. With everything at stake, does he have what both Sam and Bailey need?

Sam finds that sometimes the past chooses not to stay where it belongs. He must decide if Jake’s promises can give him something he craves: unconditional love.

Hiding from his past causes ripples that create a backlash, leaving Bailey facing some hard truths. Will the past be too hard to overcome, or will Sam and Jake’s love change everything?

3 Is the Magic Number is the third in the Flamingo Bar series. It is an MMM, close proximity, hurt/comfort romance with angst and a steam factor. This book is the duet to The App: Puppy Play, the third book in the App series, and the author recommends that book should be read first.

4 out of 5 (very good)

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This is book 3 in the Flamingo Bar series, BUT you don't NEED to have read the other books first. What you DO NEED to read, however, is The App book 3, Puppy Play. That is the beginning of Jake, Sam and Bailey's journey, and this book is the conclusion (kinda!)

Bailey ran after seeing Jake and Sam in Jake's playroom, and he knows he needs to talk to them both. Having hidden his submission for so long, and his love for Sam, he struggles. Jake, however, is very sure who he wants in his life, and it's both Sam AND Bailey. Sam just has to make Bailey see that he loves him too.

I loved Puppy Play and I was looking forward to reading about Jake, Sam and Bailey getting their Happy Ever After. And I did enjoy it, I really did, it just doesn't hit THAT spot that Puppy Play did!

All three guys get a say, in the first person. So we get them all, pouring their hearts out to themselves, and to each other.

Jake does slip up though, and it just goes to show you, he's only human and Sam and Bailey need to take him off the pedestal.

Sam and Bailey carry a huge amount of baggage from their pasts, Jake not so much. So Sam and Bailey do most of the soul searching here. I loved that they both found someone outside of their relationship to talk to, and that they both got the clarity they needed from the guys in the club.

The heat level is high, as you would expect with a 3 way and I loved that Jake was able to get Bailey into that place he never did before: sub-space. Sam needs his puppy gear, and a ball to play with, but I loved that the 3 of them made this work.

I read this in one sitting. So I was fully engaged and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It just doesn't hit the heights Puppy Play, for me! *sorry!*

4.5 stars, rounded down for the blog.

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I’ve a passion for books like you would not believe and it led me down this path and now I’ve over 29 books released and heading towards releasing a whole lot more. The way my head is I never know where I’ll be headed next. I hope you’ll find a little joy in my words and follow me to see where the journey takes me and you.

If you’re interested at some point in 2021 I’ll be writing under the name JP Paton which will be F/M crime and Fantasy two of my favourite things. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled. 🙂



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