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A Night in Prague (Diamonds in the Rough #1) by Linda Naush

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Theo is way too busy juggling middle age, international business, and a community dependent on his success to even stop and start thinking about having a personal life. It sucks! Worse is celebrating accomplishments in a city he's a stranger to.

When his eyes rest on the curves of a mysterious woman sitting alone at the table next to his, Theo feels an instant pull, instincts kick in, and he makes his move without hesitation. Maybe they can salvage the night yet!

His passion rekindled, memories inevitably bring back the disastrous one-night stand that sank Theo's confidence. Will he finally tackle his past, or will he let Katie slip from his grasp?

A Night in Prague is a Contemporary Erotic Romance and the first episode in the Diamonds in the Rough series. Each book can be read as a standalone, but they form a complete story together. A Night in Prague is a story dealing with mature themes and it contains graphic depictions of sexual behavior. It is only suitable for readers of 18 years of age and older. Reader discretion is advised.

Please take note of trigger warnings

On the page: anxiety, verging on panic attack

General: both the main character and his love interest have unresolved sex-related trauma that gets brushed upon, but it doesn't happen on the page, nor is it discussed in depth in this book.

3 out of 5 (good)

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This will be short, I really I am sorry!

I finished this, and I can honestly say that is why it gets 3 stars.

It’s not a BAD tale, not at all. It’s clear there is a lot we were not told, about Theo and Katy, and I wanted it, I wanted it all. It’s obvious that Theo is quite high up the food chain; he was very secretive about what he does. And all we know about Katy is she works in a hotel. I felt kinda short changed, from both of them.

What IS here, though, is fairly well written, and it’s been well edited. Then smexy level started to build, then went pfft. THEN went from zero to scorching in an instant! It just doesn’t work me, I’m afraid, and I do love the smexier books.

Prague sounds like a lovely place! We get a lot of Prague.

Only Theo has a say, but at the back of this book is the blurb for the next, and it appears that only KATY has a say in that one. Will I read it? Probably not.

I’m sorry, not one for me.

3 stars

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I am a new author of the steamy romance A Night in Prague and its upcoming sequel A London Encounter.

I was born and raised in the Czech Republic and I had always been a storyteller. Long before I could write, or even speak. Ever since I can remember, I’d ask, "I wonder, what this bunny’s name in this children book is? Why is the bear here? Would the little mole rather be somewhere else?" A peculiar thing about this is that I hadn’t been an avid reader, nor was I encouraged to read. Regardless, the stories had always been there.

As I matured, the themes changed, but the stories remained. Just like many writers, though, when I mentioned that I wanted to write a book, I was met with a scathing: "But you're so young, what could you possibly have to say?"

And so I didn't write any books and never considered writing to be a serious career choice. After numerous curveballs life threw me, I ended up building a career in a different creative industry, which got nearly killed by the need to social distance.

With the conclusion of 2020, aka the Covid clusterf-- disaster, I decided that if I weren't to go completely crazy without a goal to work towards, I needed to toss my worries into the wind and kick impostor syndrome to the shin. And stop piling unpublished scribblings all over my home.

I reside – and foster rescue cats – in the Bohemian wildforests of Central Europe.



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