Billionaire's Muse (The Billionaire’s Playground #3) by J.P. Sayle

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A body resembling a piece of string, no filter and a waffle to word ratio that causes confusion. None of that seems to matter to Marcus. Will he last the distance when it comes to loving Finlo?

When world renowned photographer, Marcus Crestwell, agrees to do a favour for a friend, he thought it would be a boring photoshoot, but it’s anything but. When he meets Agnes, aka Nanna, and Finlo, the laughter that has been missing from his life returns, thanks to the antics of interfering women, and a man who is fast becoming irresistible every time he opens his mouth.

Finlo Denning’s mind is a lot like spaghetti junction, on a good day. He often finds it hard to stop whatever is in there from spilling right out of his mouth. This means people don’t stick around for long. That is until Nanna and Marcus show up. All Finlo has to do now is survive an interfering Nanna with good intentions, to claim Marcus’s love. What could possibly go wrong?

Billionaire’s Muse (book 3) in Billionaire’s Playground series, is a light-hearted gay-romance with a quirky guy, a hot as hell photographer and a Nanna who always knows best.

5 out of 5 (exceptional)

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I stand by what I said in my review for book 2. This is book 3 in the Billionaire's Playground but it's not necessary to have read book one, Property of a Billionaire, nor book 2, Reluctant Billionaire before this one. However, those books are where we meet Nanna, and you might want to get the full force of her nature :-)

Marcus is a photographer, disillusioned with his current career path. Taking pictures in war zones is eating away at his soul. Doing a favour for his best friend seems like just the distraction he needs. Until he meets Finlo. Now that man is a distraction to end ALL distraction and Marcus is smitten. Finlo is also smitten with the older man, but Marcus wouldn't want him, surely? Fin who has no mouth to brain filter? Who says whatever pops into his head? Fin, who is a skinny runt?? Surely not?

OH! This book? I loved this book! So much more than the other two books and I really enjoyed them! This book is so much more than them, and I will *attempt* to explain!

Mostly, I think it's Fin who makes this book. He's a character all right and I loved him. He has no filter, he says and sees things in black and white and he knows he not everyone cuppa tea, indeed, he thinks he is NO-ONE's cuppa tea, but Marcus is drawn to Fin in ways he never knew he could be drawn in. It's not just the beauty he sees when he looks at Fin through the camera lens, cos He can see that the man is stunning, even if Fin doesn't think so. No, it's what Marcus does when Fin starts rambling, and panicking about anything and everything: nothing. He lets Fin ramble, he lets Fin work his way through whatever is bothering him, and he never once tries to shut him up, well. . .he DOES, but only in a way that Fin wants :-)

Nanna's meddling is there, as in the other books, but I found it to be a little on the low side, Marcus and Fin don't need much meddling, but a few little pushes, rather than a full-scale assault is all they need, Fin, actually needs those pushes. And a shopping trip or two!

It's low on the angst, but high on the steam. But not explicit, just steamy enough.

Again, Marcus doesn't flaunt his wealth. He works HARD for his money, and he wants to share that wealth. And he does, in ways that surprises Fin. Marcus WILL spoil Fin, if he'll just let him. His mum was a surprise, especially after she meets Fin's eco-warrior, teepee-living mum. Those two were meant to be friends!

And when Marcus does what he does at the end?? Very fitting for these two, the way he does that, it really was!

I found this to be a beautiful read, that is high on the warm and fuzzies, and too stinking cute scale, and I loved it so much MORE than the other two!

So it can only get....

5 full and shiny stars!

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