Drake (Twilight Falls #5) by A.M. Salinger

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Roman Campbell. Wild Child. Rebel. Rockstar. Broken.

At the age of twenty-eight, Roman Campbell has the world at his feet. Young, successful, and brutally beautiful, his facade of an uber-cool rockstar hides deep scars that have tormented him for years. After finally putting the pieces of his broken life back together, Roman attends the wedding of his famous movie star friend Carter Wilson in Twilight Falls, where he meets Drake Jackson. Their attraction is instantaneous and Roman hooks up with the sexy builder for one intoxicating night.

Drake Jackson. Wickedly Hot. Serial Heartbreaker. Reformed (mostly) Bad Boy.

Having put behind his difficult childhood, Drake Jackson is content with his life. His one regret remains his lost chance at a relationship with his childhood friend Alex. After a torrid encounter with Roman at Carter’s wedding leaves Drake hungry for more, the builder believes he will never set eyes on the famous rockstar again. But when Roman buys the property Drake has long coveted in Twilight Falls right from under his nose and hires Drake as his contractor, Drake realizes trouble has come to find him with a capital T.

Sparks fly and the two men soon commit to a temporary arrangement that sees them satisfying their carnal desire for one another. But when Roman’s past comes crashing back into his life and his secrets are revealed, Drake finds himself experiencing a lot more than just desire for Roman. Will Drake finally accept the feelings growing inside his heart? Or will he reject Roman’s love and repeat the mistakes of his past?

Join Drake and Roman in this wildly addictive fifth installment in Twilight Falls, the new series by the author of the bestselling, contemporary, gay romance series Nights.

Content Note: this book contains sensitive content that may be upsetting to some readers. Please refer to the page at the start of the book for more information.

5 out of 5 (exceptional)

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This is book 5 in the Twilight Falls series, but can be read as a standalone. I would, however, personally recommend you DO read them. It will give you a better feel for this group of men, and they ain’t too shabby either! I’ve not read book 4, Wyatt, though.

Drake meets Roman at Carter (book2) and Elijah’s wedding. There is instant and powerful chemistry. Roman is only in town for the night though. When Drake finds out that Roman bought the house he has been after for years, and then hires Drake to do the renovations, they embark on a mutual arrangement to satisfy their needs. But deep down, Drake knows he can’t be really happy, not ever. And Roman isn’t the happy ever after kind, right?




I loved this instalment from Twilight Falls, I really did!

But very quickly, that changes, gets deeper between them, but neither is willing to say the words they feel.

Roman’s past comes back to haunt him, and I think at THIS point, Drake realises that he’s in too deep. But it takes Roman leaving, for Drake to admit to himself, that just because his PAST was bad, doesn’t mean that HE will carry that forward. He needs Roman and he gets what he wants.

I loved that all the guys from the previous books pop up here, and I loved the band mates of Roman’s and how well everyone gets along, eventually. The manager isn’t too happy with Drake in the beginning, but he sees, he really SEES that Drake is good for Roman.

I have just one comment, and it IS just a comment, rather than anything else!

Does Miles get talked about before, the seventh member of this little group of childhood friends? Indeed, was the name of the group mentioned? I don’t recall, so maybe I missed it, but I’ve been to sleep since I read book 3, so maybe it’s just me not recalling correctly.

Given what occurs here, with Tristan and James, or more what’s IMPLIED here with those two, I assume their book is next. And then? Miles? Since he will be the only one left, and I look forward to reading his book the most now!

5 full and shiny stars

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A.M. Salinger is the pen name of an Amazon bestselling author who has always wanted to write scorching hot contemporary romance and M/M urban fantasy. In 2018, she finally decided to venture to the steamy side. NIGHTS and TWILIGHT FALLS are contemporary M/M romance series written as A.M. Salinger. In 2021, she launches FALLEN MESSENGERS, her first M/M urban fantasy series written as Ava Marie Salinger. When she’s not dreaming up hotties to write about, you’ll find Ava creating kickass music playlists to write to, spying on the wildlife in her garden, drooling over gadgets, and eating Chinese.

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