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by Kylie Gilmore

(Unleashed Romance, #1)

Publication date: January 12th 2021

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He’s her knight in shining armor. Only she’s no damsel in distress. Wyatt I’m a self-made billionaire with a soft spot for damsels in distress, so when I move to the quirky lakeside community of Summerdale, I immediately zero in on the woman I most want to…ahem, rescue. Only the stubborn woman refuses to cooperate. Sydney When Satan, aka Wyatt Winters, moves to town, I do my best to be welcoming. After all, I’m the owner of the historic restaurant and bar that he keeps showing up at, despite criticizing nearly everything about it. Deep breath. I might’ve lost my cool and made a rude gesture in his direction. And told him off. How was I to know he was considering investing in my place? Did I mention I’m in debt up to my eyeballs and every bank has turned me down? Still, there’s not a snowball’s chance in hell I’d ever work with him. Or admit he fires me up in every way. And then a snowstorm traps us together and— I’m melting. This romantic comedy stands alone with a swoonworthy happy-ever-after! No cliffhangers. NOTE: A portion of Fetching’s book sales will go to Pets for Vets, a nonprofit that trains shelter dogs to be therapy companions for military veterans with PTSD. Unleashed Romance Series Fetching (Book 1) Dashing (Book 2) Sporting (Book 3) Toying (Book 4) Blazing (Book 5)

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Her eyes gleam. “What’re you going to do to him?”

“I’d like to punch him in his stupid face.” Snowball lifts her head from where she’s curled at my feet.

Sydney nods eagerly. “Then what?”

I give her a wary look. Bloodthirsty, this one. “I hadn’t gotten that far.” Snowball curls up to sleep.

“You’ve got to kick him in the nuts,” she says, as if this is obvious.

“Remind me never to get involved with you.”

She stands and takes a step back. “Not a problem. You’re not my type. At all. Actually, you’re the opposite.”

I ignore the jab, and the sinking feeling of disappointment. I kinda thought we were building something here. She talks to me a lot and came over to my place twice now. And I didn’t miss the appraising look in her eyes when she first got here. She likes what she sees.

I keep my voice cool, instinctively knowing she’ll run hot in response. “That’s convenient because you’re not my type either.”

She crosses her arms, which gives her breasts a nice boost in that clingy sweater. “You probably exclusively date models.”

I gesture wearily. “And actresses and heiresses. Anyone in the wealthy fundraiser circle.” I sigh like it’s a curse. Not that I mind beautiful women throwing themselves at me. I just wish it was actually me they were interested in, instead of my bank account. “That’s who I meet. As a matter of fact—”

“I don’t want to hear about your women,” she snaps, those honey eyes flashing.

The blood rushes through my veins. “They’re not mine. They’re on loan. Let me guess, your type is big dumb jocks.” My exact opposite.

“Why is that my type?”

“You know why.”

“No, I don’t.”

“You care more about the package.”

She jams her hands on her hips. “So now I’m shallow?” Her head swivels, and I know I’m in for it now. “Why the hell you think you know me well enough to predict my type is beyond me. You don’t know me at all.”

“Sure I do.”

“No, you don’t. Not even close.”

This is so blatantly untrue I have to correct her. I tick everything off on my fingers. “You’re broke, you have no business sense, you’re hot tempered, which is great in bed and terrible in business, refer back to failing business, and you don’t know when to cry uncle.” At her silence, I think of one more so all five fingers are accounted for. “You’re entirely too stubborn and independent, and it’s not doing you any favors.” Technically, six, but I keep to my one hand out.

She lifts her chin. “You prefer your women docile and dependent.”

“I prefer a woman with good sense.”

Her face flushes. “Go to hell!”

I might’ve played that wrong.

4 out of 5 (very good)

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The man drove her nuts, making negative comments about her business! But Lord he was preety to look at. Wyatt has an opinion about everything, and it riles Sydney up no end. When Sydney finds out why he was sent to help, she ain't happy, not at all. She can't mis business and pleasure, can she?

I enjoyed this, a lot. I didn't love it though and I'll tell you why shortly.

I loved Sydney, I really did. She won't let Wyatt help, because it's HER business, it belongs to her family. She knows she needs help, she just doesn't want Wyatt's.

Wyatt is a bit more difficult to like, especially until we get his say. He really does rile Sydney up, and at points he riles ME up, but once we get into his head, his motivation becomes clear: Sydney could well be the one for him to fix the heart that was broken 3 years ago.

There is steam a-plenty, but not ever so explicit. As much as I enjoy the down and oh-so-dirty books, sometimes, it's not needed.

You can see what's gonna happen when Sydney finds out what Wyatt does like a train wreck you can't stop, but I do like that.

Why not loved it? Simple. First person. Present tense. AND multi point of view. Quite possibly my trifecta of hell BUT I am trying to give books written as such a chance, and I'm glad I did with this one.

A thoroughly enjoyable read.

4 solid stars

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Kylie Gilmore is the USA Today bestselling author of the Unleashed Romance series, the Rourkes series, the Happy Endings Book Club series, the Clover Park series, and the Clover Park STUDS series. She writes humorous romance that makes you laugh, cry, and reach for a cold glass of water. Kylie lives in New York with her family, two cats, and a nutso dog. When she’s not writing, reading hot romance, or dutifully taking notes at writing conferences, you can find her flexing her muscles all the way to the high cabinet for her secret chocolate stash. Author links: Sign up for my newsletter and get a free romance! -

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