Sales Blitz & Review - Half Blood: The Complete Collection: Books 1-5 by Lauren Dawes

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Welcome to a sales blitz organized by Magic Pen Book Tours for a paranormal romance boxed set - Half Blood Collection (Helheim Wolf Pack Book 1-5) by Lauren Dawes. Half Blood Collection Boxed Set releases on October 5, 2020 and will be on sale for just 99c for a limited time only (October 5-10). Use this chance and get your copy now!


Title: Half Blood Collection Boxed Set Series: Helheim Wolf Pack #1-5 Author: Lauren Dawes Genre: Adult, Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy Release date: October 5, 2020 Publisher: Vixen Publishing Cover Design: Sly Fox Cover designs

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The survival of a species is on the line, and everyone wants a piece of her.

Indigo is hard-wired for survival; but it’s not just her life she holds in her hands.

Thrown into a world of overzealous vampire assassins, a blood-crazed vampire queen and half a dozen packs on the verge of a werewolf civil war, she’s forced to face the reality of what she is and what that means for Rhett, the werewolf now trying to protect her.

She’s on a collision course with her fate and he’s the only one who can help her now.

*NOTE. This book contains graphic scenes and sexually explicit content, trigger warning for rape. For mature audience only.

Detective Vaile Wolfe stuck his pen into the little pile of ashes he was crouched over and stirred. The burned remains, picked up by the slight breeze from the mouth of the alleyway, got stuck in his nostrils, forcing a low growl out from between his lips.

What a goddamn fucking mess. The wolf that shared his body shifted uneasily, the scent of the blood awakening his baser instincts. He could feel his lupine form move under his skin—under his ribs—stirring to life restlessly. He’d denied the Change for nearly two weeks, sending the flashing red light of warning off in his head. He was putting the cops he worked with in danger with every day that passed. He muttered a few words under his breath to calm the beast and stood up, unable to avoid looking at the huge puddles of blood at his feet. He’d be seeing red for a fucking week.

“Did you find anything?” he asked the officer who had been assigned to him just that morning. Vaile had chewed through a dozen rookies in the last six months and he had a feeling that this guy wasn’t going to make it much past sundown. Vaile had a rep for being a sonofabitch to work with and that was just the way he liked it.

This new kid was all WASP. His pale eyes were wide as he took in the carnage around him. Vaile had caught him puking in the dumpster next to the crime scene. As soon as the kid had seen the blood, he’d gone as white as a sheet and ran. Vaile could still smell the stuff on his breath.

“No, sir. Nothing yet,” he replied perfunctorily. Vaile’s lips flexed into a parody of a smile. At least this kid knew who was Top Dog, not like the last cocky bastard he’d had working for him. “We’re just waiting for forensics to show up, sir.” The kid turned back to look at the puddles. “Sir, where’s the body?”

“There ain’t no body, kid. It’s obvious that this was the kill site. The body’s been dumped someplace else.” What the WASP didn’t know was that two members of his pack had taken the stiff a few hours before the cops had even got the call that morning from a sanitation worker reporting a lot of blood down an alleyway.

The other thing the cops didn’t know was that a vampire had been given its Final Death in that alleyway, but they would never recognize the signs. Humans saw only what they wanted to see. To them, the ashes that littered the ground in that goddamned frozen, filthy alleyway were the remnants from a hobo barrel fire, not the last resting place of a blood-sucking parasite.

The kid swallowed convulsively, his throat working over a lump, his skin turning a pale shade of green. “You going to puke again?” Vaile barked.

“No, sir,” the kid replied in a shaky breath. His fear was coming off his body in waves, causing a sneer to pull at Vaile’s top lip. Vaile got up in his face, taking him by the collar of his shirt and pulling the guy in close to his massive body. Intimidation factor? He would have said around a ten.

“Because if you are, you’re not working with me. You can just go back to the station now and get desk-raped,” he growled.

Vaile hadn’t thought it was possible, but the kid swallowed the green and his already pasty skin blanched out even further. “I’m fine,” he replied with a quavering voice.

What a fucking lightweight. Vaile gave him a hard look and pushed him away, causing him to stumble into the dumpster. Vaile walked back to a beat cop waiting just inside the yellow police tape. Beyond him—at the mouth of the alleyway—were rubberneckers wanting to see a glimpse of the carnage. Although another officer was placed there, arms outstretched and desperately trying to stop the click-click of camera phones, they still managed to get an uninterrupted view. Sometimes Vaile thought humans were more bloodthirsty than the wolf that shared his body.

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Review of Half Blood

(Helheim Wolf Pack Tale #1)

4 out of 5 (very good)

Independent Reviewer for Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!

I enjoyed this, a lot. I didn't love for a couple of reasons.

CLIFFHANGER! It finishes on a cliffhanger, and if I KNOW is finishes as such, I'm usually ok, but I did NOT see this one coming at and I was somewhat annoyed about that!

I'm still not entirely sure what's going on, what the bigger picture is. It might just be me, but my brain didn't put everything together yet, and I was somewhat annoyed by that, too. I am certain that it will all become clear in the next few books, though! (or at least I hope so!)

There is some scene setting, for multiple characters who are side players. For a long while I wasn't sure why they even had a say, but all does become clear why they are there. Eventually. It took far too long for me though, to love that fact. I like hearing from everyone, I really do, but this reminded me a little of several series that take a long way round to get across the road.

I liked Indigo. She is a force of nature and when she fully becomes aware of what she is and what she can do, she will be invincible. Rhett, too, isn't fully aware of himself, I don't think yet. Some secrets he hasn't told us, and some I don't think have been revealed to him either.

I liked the twists to usual vampire/werewolf lore. Some major twists thrown up there!

I have to wait now, to get a hold of book 2. If you are reading this review, I recommend you wait till you at least have book 2 to hand, so you don't throw the hissy fit I did when I ran out of book!

Because of the cliff hanger and because of the not seeing the bigger picture (yet) . . .

4 stars

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* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and the comments here are my honest opinion. *

Lauren Dawes is an urban fantasy/paranormal romance writer and the author of the Half Blood Series and the Dark Trilogy. She likes her vampires dangerous, her werewolves vicious and her Norse gods ruthless.

When she’s not writing, she’s reading, hanging with her young daughter or designing book covers. She currently lives in Canberra, Australia.

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