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TOUR, REVIEW & #GIVEAWAY - Mad Hatter Vampire Prince (Token Huntress #0.5) by Kia Carrington-Russell

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Kyran Klaus is the prince of Grand Klaus, his reputation honoring him the title of the Mad Hatter Vampire Prince. Crazy, deadly, lustful, and utterly bored with life.

Sasha Pierce is one of a kind. Having been experimented on by her mother as a child, she’s become a human weapon who’s looking for answers beyond the walls where her kind aren’t enslaved to vampires.

When the Mad Hatter Prince takes a sudden interest in Sasha and her work, she scarcely begins to cover her tracks and hide her secrets. What she doesn’t anticipate is being a pawn in his most sinister performance yet.

Disturbingly Wicked! This novella is not for the fainthearted. Lust, Gore, Wit, and Malicious Humor. Prepare to be deliciously tainted.

A lightly armored human walked in. My eyebrows perked. Her hips swayed with little effort and bold confidence. Her golden hair was tied back tightly as her brown steely eyes fixed on me. She had two swords strapped to her back. Weapons weren’t often allowed in this room. Which meant she was an exception–which concluded she was interesting.

The light clatter of her shoes echoed throughout the room. I sat upright now entirely intrigued by this beauty. My newfound composure was not missed by Galador who looked at the woman with increased interest. A waft of her natural scented perfume evaded my senses. A very feminine and floral scent mixed with a steely poison that rubbed raw against my nose. An interesting mix. I licked over the points of my fangs, so badly wanting to see if the smell of her was identical to the taste of her blood. I was far too old to lose control from initial distraction. Though I often chose to act on what I wanted impulsively. Instead, I wanted to enjoy her aroma and sunk into a comfier composure in the throne. What fun little mouse had come into my kingdom today?

“I was under the impression that I’d be meeting with King Amell today,” she said. Her voice was strong and unwavering despite being the only human in a roomful of vampires. Something about her stance told me she could hold her own too, despite the obvious disadvantage. Her sleeveless leather shirt revealed her toned muscles underneath. Arms that were built and strong enough to wield two swords at once. Her stance and harsh brown eyes told me everything I needed to know about her. She was a fighter. She was a warrior. And she was fierce.

“And instead the Gods have smiled upon you today and presented you before me,” I said with a charming smile that had never failed.

“Can I have your word that you will take this seriously, or should I leave and wait for the King next month?” she asked abruptly. Although no one moved in the room, I could sense the uncomfortable stature of everyone. They were considering how I might react. No human ever had the audacity to speak to me in such a fine goading way. I let out a monstrous laugh. Oh, she would be fun.

“You do not speak to the Prince that way,” Galador reprimanded, obviously irritated that I hadn’t already done so myself. “Introduce yourself formally. Don’t offend the throne any further.”

I propped my elbow up and rested my face in the palm of my hand. I couldn’t help but sweep my gaze up her legs. I had no doubt that her hidden legs were as muscular as the rest of fighting fit body. Her face though–her face was what drew me in so forcefully. She held such a stern expression that probably hadn’t seen laughter for years. It was beautiful. Ruthless, calculated, and unforgiving. A large jagged scar ran down the right side of her neck. Either a vampire had tried to take her life most savagely or someone had cut her deep in a fight. I grasped hard on the armchair. Surprising even myself by how much that disturbed me. What an interesting pull to have towards such a woman, a human of all things. I was aroused by my sudden interest in such a tiny mouse.

3 out of 5 (good)

Independent Reviewer for Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!

I apologise up front, this review will be short.

I *struggled* with this, and I kept hoping, and praying that Sasha would get a say, to offset Kyran but she doesn't and I think had she been given a voice, I would have enjoyed this more.

Kyran is a vampire prince, he knows what he wants, and he takes it. In all things, he gets his way and he wants Sasha. He will kill vampires for her, and let her do the killing too. He will start a war for her, although just WHY he started the war was beyond me.

This book is DEADLY in all things. Its violence is graphic and there is a LOT of it. I think, even though Sasha is almost as deadly as Kyran, had she been given a voice, I would not have had to struggle with Kyran so much. Kyran's mind is warped, and I didn't much like it.

There is NO kind of romance in this! Not complaining about that, I've no idea whether Kyran or even Sasha could love, at all, but this is not a romance, and it needs to be said.


I did finish it, cos I wanted to see what Sasha was doing in the experiments (although I'm still a little fuzzy on that) and I wanted to see how it all turned out. But it doesn't really round the ending out, it kinda stops. . . just like that.

3 dark, deadly and bloody stars

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* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and the comments here are my honest opinion. *

Kia Carrington-Russell grew up in the Darling Downs Region in Queensland, Australia. Originally, she pursued a career in freelance journalism, before giving into her passion for writing fiction in 2014.

Announced “The Best New Author of 2015” by AusRomToday, Carrington-Russell has received numerous awards and acclaim.

Learn more about Kia at and follow her at @kia_crystal on Instagram.

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