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Passion Awakened (The Hush #1) by Katherine Diane

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#Paranormal, #Romance

A vampire warrior. A shrink. This could get uncomfortable.

Kyr, leader of the Vampire Defense Agency’s elite ground team, doesn’t have a choice in the matter. Either he participates in this bullshit psych eval, or his team gets suspended.

But this isn’t about Kyr’s mental health. This is an investigation. Because the director wants to know why the Hush hasn’t been joining the company singalong lately. The reason? A traitor at the VDA is betraying vampire females into the hands of a demon lord.

Yeah. Kyr doesn’t trust anyone, not even—especially not—the gorgeous agent assigned to evaluate him. The only thing more difficult than dodging her questions?

Denying the intense (and inconvenient) attraction sizzling between them…

4 out of 5 (very good)

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Kyr, leader of the Hush, races a psych test, along with the others in his group. Their supervisor thinks they are hiding something. He was, but not quite what the boss thought. Mira is Awakened, a half breed vampire and trained psychotherapist. She is tasked with assessing The Hush members. All the while, those members are trying to find the missing vampire females who keep disappearing.

While not a particularly original theme, I really REALLY enjoyed this!

The vampires are fighting demons. The vampires are alien to earth. they are big, bulky guys that are drop dead gorgeous. But still!

There is enough variation to the theme to make it sufficiently interesting, and engaging. Its dark and deadly in places, and sweet and sexy in others.

Both Mira and Kyr have a say, but also a good deal of the other characters do too, and I loved that we get more from them. The bad guy too! I LOVE when the bad guy gets a say!

There is a MUCH bigger picture going on, which I assume will unfold as future books come out, but I'm not getting a clue as to what that is yet. So that will keep me engaged for the next book at least!

The author has published under another name, Kyla D Knight, but this work doesn't really show the work under that name, if you see what I mean? Very different.

A thoroughly enjoyable 4 star read.

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Katherine Diane is the author of the vampire romance series, The Hush. Complex, intense heroes are her jam.

Katherine loves new adventures and tends to roam. She’ll settle down one of these days. Maybe.

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