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Excerpt & #Giveaway: Rift in the Soul (Soulwood #6) by Faith Hunter



Publisher: Ace (March 5, 2024)

Publication date: March 5, 2024

Print length: 382 pages @PsstPromotions

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Nell Ingram and her team face a dire, supernatural evil in this newest thrilling paranormal procedural in the New York Times bestselling Soulwood series.

Nell Ingram draws her powers from deep in the earth, and uses them to help Psy-LED, the Psychometric Law Enforcement Division, which solves paranormal crimes. When a local vampire calls to report a dead body on her compound, Nell knows she and her team have to be ready for anything.

But the dead body is just the beginning of a mystery that involves supernaturals of all kinds, including some of the most powerful vampires in the country. As Nell gets closer to the truth, she begins to understand that the perpetrator is tracking her too—and that there is something personal about this crime. Something with roots that go almost as deep as those in Soulwood.

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"Hunter's brand of supernatural is equal parts exciting, engaging and entertaining...Filled with high-stakes tension, Hunter's storytelling is vivid and descriptive with edgy, sharp dialogue laced with humor."--RT Book Reviews


"Nell's coming into her own as an independent woman…Hunter's many fans will be delighted with her strong new heroine."--Publishers Weekly


“Once again, Hunter proves she’s a master of the genre.”—Romance Junkies


"There is wry humor, mild levels of snarkiness, cross-pollination with Hunter's characters and events from her Jane Yellowrock series, and passages setting a breakneck pace that may cause you to forget to breathe."--Kings River Life Magazine


“I love Nell and her PsyLED team and would happily read about their adventures for years.”—Vampire Book Club

“Our blood-servants are . . .” Ming waved the half-empty bottle in the air. “Volatile. At first they were happy. Now many are leaving us. We have had to negotiate new contracts with them. It is costing us much money.”

“That sounds . . . difficult,” I lied. “You said there was a dead body?”

Ming turned her black eyes to me. She was vamping out, her pupils already dilated, the white of her sclera bleeding scarlet. Her fangs snapped down on the little hinges. My breath hitched and stopped. Ming was in full hunting mode. I started to call for the guys. My fingers twitched for my weapon.

Ming smiled behind her fangs.

I froze as she leaned closer. She could hear my heart racing. She could smell my sweat-fear. I didn’t know much about vampires, but I knew I was in danger. If called for help, Ming could rip out my throat before my bosses could react. Before I got out more than a squeak. And I was taking too long to reply. I had to deal with this.

Possibilities flitted through my mind. I forced out my breath. Inhaled.

“Ming of Glass,” I managed. “Master of the City of Knoxville. I see you are . . . disturbed.” That should let Rick and Aya know there were problems. “PsyLED Eighteen has been called here about a dead body. How may we assist?”

I always carried some of the life of my land within me, but I hadn’t had time to go to the roof of HQ and sit in my garden spot, a raised bed full of Soulwood soil. I hadn’t replenished myself.

“Yoooou,” Ming said. “Maggoty Girl. You brought life to the undead Mithrans. And because of you, my city is cursed.”

“I didn’t do anything. What could I have done to cause you, the . . . the illustrious Ming of Glass, discomfort?”

Ming leaned in a hair closer and breathed in the air I exhaled. I clamped down on the desire to run. Vampires were fast, and running would mark me as prey. I’d not make one step before I triggered her predator instincts.   Copyright Faith Hunter

Faith Hunter, urban fantasy writer, was born in Louisiana and raised all over the south. Hunter fell in love with reading in fifth grade, and best loved SciFi, fantasy, and gothic mystery. She decided to become a writer in high school, when a teacher told her she had talent. Now, she writes full-time, tries to keep house, and is a workaholic with a passion for RV travel, Japanese maples, orchids, white-water kayaking, and writing. She and her husband love to RV to whitewater rivers all over the Southeast.

Author of series: Skinwalker (feat. Jane Yellowrock, urban fantasy), Rogue Mage (Thorn St. Croix, urban fantasy), Junkyard Cats (Shining Smith, dystopian-esque Scifi), and Soulwood (Nell Ingram, paranormal procedural where an escapee from a cult, a solitary woman with deadly magic of her own, is hired to help PsyLED: a paranormal division of Homeland Security; find a missing child. Find out more about the author here:


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Mar 13
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Love Nell and the crew so much! I'm always hoping for more of her, Occam, Rick, and the rest of the team. Her family is crazy but loves her and I love how much she loves her sister. I hope we get to see more!

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