Sweet Haven by J.P. Sayle

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A grumpy chef, a clutz, an ad for an assistant and a sister who has no boundaries, are these the perfect ingredients for love?

Confectionary chef Garrett Weston returns to his hometown to lick his wounds after his marriage fails. His sister encourages him to open a confectionery shop, then throws a spanner in the works, leaving him in need of a new assistant.

Leeson Cole moves to Sweet Haven to escape past mistakes. He’s been saving every cent to fulfil a lifelong ambition of working in the confectionery business. The job at Sweet Haven’s confectionary shop seems like a dream come true. All Leeson needs to do is his hope his clutzy behavior doesn’t ruin things for him before he has a chance to prove he’s got what it takes. Easy.

Sweet Haven is a steamy standalone, MM gay romance, opposites attract, with a grumpy bear and a not so delicate flower who can create chaos out of anything, that get their HEA.

5 out of 5 (exceptional)

Independent Reviewer for Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!

And what a DELICIOUS book it was! I swear I put on ten pounds reading this!

Garrett is a grump and Lee is a clutz. Together they make beautiful chocolate desserts. But the past has a way of catching up with them, and they have to overcome that to be really happy.

Sometimes, my dear book people, your mind reads a blurb and makes a story and then you read the book, and BOOM! this is so NOT where your mind went. And you don't care! Cos what you DO read, where the book DOES go, is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better than where your stoopid mind went!

And Ms Sayle has a particular knack of messing with MY brain! She does it all the bloody time, and I love it!

I mean, I have no idea where my mind went when I read the blurb, but all I know is, it was nowhere near as sweet and as sexy and as too-stinking-cute as this is!

I just wanna rant about how sweet and sexy this, but ranting does not a good review make. So lemme try, 'K?? And I apologise if all I do is rant :-)

Garrett is spilt from his ex husband, who by all accounts only used Garrett to get where he wanted to go. Lee is hiding from HIS ex, who by every account here, is a violent man and to be avoided at all costs. Garrett thinks no one will want him, and Lee wants Garrett. Garrett, bless his heart, tries HARD to deny himself the tasty morsel now prancing around his kitchen, but it's a matter of when, not if.

Supported by a huge cast of possible follow up stories: Ollie, Vic, Nese, and everyone else I can't remember, you fall in love with this little town, the people in it and the desserts that are made in these 150 odd pages, and your teeth rot and jeans don't fit anymore, and you really don't care!

Ok, I've written and deleted about 10 versions of this review, and this is the one you're gonna get.





5 sweet and sexy stars

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Where does one start with about what I do?

I’m a writer, but I’m sure you guessed that by now if you’re reading this, hey? What you might not know is I’m a little quirky, live in my pj’s most of the time and have cake Saturdays with my sisters every week. I dedicate a little of my time to taking care of my grandbabies and on the dedicated writing days I like to write an eclectic mix of romance, suspense and paranormal fantasy. In the main I’ve written gay romance but I’m branching out under another the pen name in the future, so watch this space.

I’ve a passion for books like you would not believe and it led me down this path and now I’ve over 29 books released and heading towards releasing a whole lot more. The way my head is I never know where I’ll be headed next. I hope you’ll find a little joy in my words and follow me to see where the journey takes me and you.

If you’re interested at some point in 2021 I’ll be writing under the name JP Paton which will be F/M crime and Fantasy two of my favourite things. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled. 🙂

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