Tofu Cowboy (Big Sky Cowboys #1) by Lola West

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She’s a nude model, and her meaty vegetarian cowboy wants a private session.

Tall, blond, rugged, Luke Morgan knows how to handle a herd. He’s everything a cowboy should be - but he still feels like the blond sheep in his family because he’s also a soulful artist with a penchant for veggie lasagna.

Twenty-five year old, blue-haired, buxom, beautician, Maddie Richards just moved to Conway, Montana. She’s new to small town life, the gossip and the intimacy. Being open and letting people in isn’t what Maddie does best. On a body positive journey, she’s inspired to model nude for a local drawing class.

From the first minute he sees her, up on the podium, modeling, Luke can’t take his eyes off Maddie. Their attraction is magnetic, but Maddie has a secret that could ruin everything.

This sexy, smart, rip roaring good time, gallops with tease and titillation and introduces readers to the entire Morgan tribe, a tight knit family of ripped and rowdy ranchers. When the Morgan’s get together, shenanigans abound. If this is your first foray into the Big Sky Boys Series...well, howdy and welcome to the family!

4 out of 5 (very good)

Independent Reviewer for Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!

Luke is hiding a secret from his brothers. He takes art classes, and this particular class has a live model today, Maddie. Maddie has a secret too, and it may just break her heart to tell Luke.

My first and lasting feeling about this book is CUTE! Not quite enough to tag it "too stinking cute" but it lands itself well and truly on the "warm and fuzzies" shelf.

It's mostly not too stinking cute simply because of the secret Maddie carries in her soul. It doesn't say it on the blurb, so I'm not saying it here, but it really does break your heart when she tells Luke about it. More so the reasons WHY its like this.

It's steamy, so steamy, but what I really liked about this one was, the time it takes for Luke and Maddie to get down and dirty. They WAIT. They both know it's inevitable they will be jumping into bed together, but they want to get to know each other, properly, before that happens, and I really rather loved that.

As well as the steam, there is emotions, so many emotional moments for such a short book. It's also funny. Maddie is witty and her and Luke banter off each other right from the start. It has some real, actual laugh out loud moments, and I rarely, I mean RARELY react verbally when I'm reading. So well played!

Loved the interaction between Luke and his brothers, but equally, loved that when they found Luke hurting, they shut that sh*t straight down and rallied around him, helping him get the girl of his dreams.

It says its 152 pages, I read it in just over an hour. A great, easy read, perfect for the bath tub or lunch break.

It also appears to be this author's debut novel. So Very VERY well done, one to watch. This is billed as the first in the Big Sky Romances series, I hope it covers Luke's brothers. Billy especially, cos even the little we saw of him here, I can tell he is hurting.

4 really REALLY good stars

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Lola West is the queen of sweet, smart, silly, sexy romance! She has a PhD in woman's studies and a flair for the dramatic. She likes cotton candy, astronomy, kitten heels

and small town hunks.

Lola is a pen name.

The minds behind Lola are just like you - everyday people living regular lives, happy to day dream about sexy men and the sassy women they love.


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