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Tour: Novice Threads (Silver Sampler #1) by Nancy Jardine

Book details:

Book Title: Novice Threads

Series: Silver Sampler Series

Author: Nancy Jardine

Publication Date:15th May 2024

Publisher: Nancy Jardine with Ocelot Press

Page Length:356

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A thirst for education.  Shattered dreams. Fragile relations.


1840s Scotland


Being sent to school is the most exhilarating thing that’s ever happened to young Margaret Law. She sharpens her newly-acquired education on her best friend, Jessie Morison, till Jessie is spirited away to become a scullery maid. But how can Margaret fulfil her visions of becoming a schoolteacher when her parents’ tailoring and drapery business suddenly collapses and she must find a job?


Salvation from domestic drudgery – or never-ending seamstress work – comes via Jessie whose employer seeks a tutor for his daughter. Free time exploring Edinburgh with Jessie is great fun, but increasing tension in the household claws at Margaret’s nerves.


Margaret also worries about her parents' estrangement, and the mystery of Jessie's unknown father.


When tragedy befalls the household in Edinburgh, Margaret must forge a new pathway for the future – though where will that be?

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“Do you know to play Look Around?” David asked his cousins.

Margaret was intrigued. She wasn’t familiar with it, but then the Forbes children didn’t seem to know either.

“We play this down in the drawing room sometimes. I’ll tell them how!” Elspeth was barely able to contain herself, and was claiming the limelight. She plucked up a small spinning top from a basket of toys that sat under one of the windows and held it up high. “You all need to go out of the room and wait in the corridor till I tell you to come in. While you’re outside, I’m going to hide this spinning top somewhere around the room. When I’m ready, you’ll all come back in and will look for it. But you mustn’t tell anyone when you notice it! And you mustn’t touch it.”

Margaret was bemused, not really understanding the point of the game till David added further instructions for winning.

“When you see the object,” he said, “you must sit down. When there is only one person left looking around the room the game is over. You have to try not to be that last person.”

It made better sense now to Margaret, but it wasn’t a game that Rachel could participate in. However, when she looked at her Margaret found Rachel to be quite excited, though looking exhausted.

“You mustn’t cheat, because I will know if you are!” Rachel chided playfully, the younger children the focus of her attention.

They were into the second round of the game when Jessie came in to the parlour. As soon as Jessie stopped near Rachel’s side table to collect her special feeding cup, John’s voice rose above the clamour.

“You look just like Rachel!”

A hush descended in the room. Margaret hardly dared breathe as all eyes focused on her best friend.

John was not to be silenced. “Are you my cousin, too?”

After a moment of tense silence, Victoria ploughed in. “No, John. You’re mistaken. This is our kitchen maid, Jessie. She just happens to have the same colour of hair as Rachel.”

John’s intent stare and mulish tint to his expression suggested he was not at all satisfied with Victoria’s response.

“But her eyes look the same, too.”

Margaret watched the colour drain from David’s face as he stared at Jessie before it came back in an immediate whoosh of red at his cheeks. What John had pointed out was clearly not something David had ever acknowledged before. Victoria, on the other hand, was brittle.

“Lots of people have the same shape and colour of eyes. It’s just a coincidence, John. Jessie isn’t related to us.”

There was a momentary pause before Rachel began to babble through a huge grin, clearly delighted to be compared favourably to Jessie’s loveliness. “Jessie is my best friend – after Margaret – and Jessie’s definitely the prettiest girl in this room!”

Margaret turned her attention to Jessie, who looked down at Rachel before she swivelled around to stare at David and the other Duncan children. All were blonde and blue-eyed, though with subtle differences.

Jessie’s cheeks flared with an embarrassment Margaret shared, before Jessie whirled around quickly and left the room, having forgotten the cup that she had come in for.

Nancy writes historical and contemporary fiction. 1st Century Roman Britain is the setting of her Celtic Fervour Series. Victorian and Edwardian history has sneaked into two of her ancestry-based contemporary mysteries, and her current Silver Sampler Series is set in Victorian Scotland.

Her novels have achieved Finalist status in UK book competitions (People's Book Prize; Scottish Association of Writers) and have received prestigious Online Book Awards.

Published with Ocelot Press, writing memberships include – Historical Novel Society; Romantic Novelists Association; Scottish Association of Writers; Federation of Writers Scotland; Alliance of Independent Authors.



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Tour hosted by: The Coffee Pot Book Club


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Jun 19
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Thank you for hosting Nancy Jardine today, with a fabulous excerpt from Novice Threads. Take care, Cathie xx The Coffee Pot Book Club


Jun 19

Thank you for featuring an excerpt today from Novice Threads. It's lovely to visit and your support is really appreciated. 😀 - Nancy Jardine

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