When Darkness Turns to Light (Dark River Stone Collective #2) by J.P. Sayle

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Dark Angels is the family Toad has chosen when he follows his heart. Will one man’s love and his brothers, be enough to protect him from danger?

Toad has been running for years from those who locked him up and threw away the key because he was gay. An accident puts the man he loves right in his path, but it also puts his life in jeopardy. Now he must face his past to claim his future.

The past has Sid choosing to keep his personal life separate from those he calls family, Dark Angels. That is until he invites Toad to live with him. As the other man sees beneath the barriers to what is hidden beneath, can Sid resist what Toad offers him: Unconditional Love?

When Darkness Turns to Light is a MC, MM sexy romance, where close proximity reveals nothing is as it seems on the surface. This is the second book in Dark River Stone Collective and can be read as a standalone.

5 out of 5 (exceptional)

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This is book 2 in the Dark River Stone Collective series, and I STRONGLY urge you to read book one, The Light Beneath The Dark, before this one. There is much referenced in this book that refers to that book, and not all is fully recapped.

I enjoyed book one, I gave it 4 stars, but THIS book far surpasses that one! A single line broke me.

“I’m not ready for you to leave....me” Sid says to Toad. At this point in the book, this is the closest Sid comes to admitting his feelings out loud and that man, oh that man!

Neither of these guys had a stellar upbringing, they are bad in very different ways. But you don’t get it all in one go, it comes out in snippets and little comments dropped here and there, and putting it all together takes time.

During this time, Toad’s past comes back to haunt him and Sid? Well, let face it, Sid was all in from Toad right from the start, he just needed his head to catch up with his heart.

What I loved about these two is the fight they put up! The fight against how they feel, how they think they should act and the fight against that past of Toad’s.

The MC activities are more front and centre here, than in book one. Linc is still trying to bring things around but some things need dealing with in the old manner. Mason helps with some of it, doing things all legal . .ish. . .but some things won’t be sorted that way.

It’s heavy on the emotions, these guys don’t think they deserve to be happy, or loved. It’s heavy on the steam! Oh yes ma’am! Heat wave outside ain’t a touch on these two when they get going! There is violence, but dealing with kidnappers, torture and blackmail is not ever gonna be a picnic in the park, now is it? But I think here, that violence is totally needed to get the point across.

Loved what Toad does at the end! That was so cool!

I’m NOT a rereader, but I am fairly certain at some point I WILL be reading this again. I loved these guys! I know this review is short, but if I go on too much, I’ll start to give it all away, and I don’t want to spoil Toad and Sid for you!

5 stars, but more if I could!

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