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Cain (Dormant Desires #4) Payne Hawthorne

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Adult, Paranormal, Romance

Fourth installment in the Dormant Desires Lycanthrope series. This is a STAND ALONE in the series and can easily be enjoyed without reading the first three. This episode revolves around Samantha and the Chimera, Cain. After heading out in search of her Alpha male, Samantha is wounded battling a grizzly bear. Cain lives in the farthest remote location Alaska has to offer. He finds Samantha near death and tends to her, bringing her back to life. Can a were-wolf and a chimera fall in love? Is Cain her elusive alpha mate she's waited a hundred years to meet? This installment has a lot of action which includes the entire Alpha Pack along with a few new characters. As always, my stories have steamy erotica, some comedy and brevity, deep emotional moments and lots of really fun, on the edge of your seat entertainment. This title is approximately a six hour read and is intended for only a mature audience.

5 out of 5 (exceptional)

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Samantha, mother to Matt, Elijah and Sam, Alpha female to the ever growing pack is fighting. She is fighting her wolf, so much, that she locked herself up around the time of the next full moon. Her wolf wants free, after so much time locked up. And Sam lets her go. Cain finds her, suffering from a bear attack. His reaction to the black wolf curled up in his bed is instant and powerful, and totally unexpected. Indeed, he was under the impression that he would never find his mate. The curse that crippled the wolves centuries ago did not affect Cain, for he has his own curse to deal with. Cain, brother to Abel, is able to shift into any predator, on land, in air or at sea. He is Chimera and that is his curse. I wanna say just one thing: FREAKING LOVED THIS ONE!! Really and truly loved it, its Payne's best work yet and I cannot wait to see what comes next! Samantha was suffering, we knew that, she and her wolf needed to be free, free from the pack, from her husband of 30 years, free of everyone and everything. She finds what she and her wolf needed, Cain. I loved that Cain had a name from Samantha's wolf, and one for her human half. Cain has been on his own and long LONG time, he is a creation child. I loved that reference to Cain and Abel, to Adam and Eve, and the different take to the biblical story. Being only used to his own company for many a century, it makes for some amusing times between Sam and Cain. We have humour, we have passion, we have action/violence when Cain goes off to rescue Sam, and two other wolves captured; Amber and Cyrus. And we have scorching hot scenes between Sam and Cain. At one point, the lines are blurred, with Sam and Cain both needing more from each other, and thats where its blurred, between sex and viloence. Its agreed by both Sam and Cain they need it though. I loved that we got some Jacob/Allison, some Sam/Abigail and some Matt/Lumen. I felt for Iain though, when Samantha goes and leaves him. He needs a HEA soon. For Samantha will not be his any longer. I have to tell you this though. I LISTENED to book one, two and three almost back to back. When I started to READ this one, I could hear Joshua Story in my head, telling me the tale, as I read it. I could not shut him off. When I get to LISTEN to this one, I will excited to hear how Joshua pulls Cain and Cyrus off, and I WILL get to listen, I know I will!! I'll add that review to this one, so watch this space to what I thought. New characters, Amber and Cyrus, Amber, I know is spoken for (I have insider information!) But I can see Cyrus and his brothers causing chaos in the near future. New paranormal beings, vampires and other shifters. A particularly nasty tiger shifter makes a return at some point, thats not so much insider information, as closely following what Samantha says after her release. And the summit is soon, so lord knows what and who will come to that! I cannot wait for the next one, Payne, really. You outdid yourself here! 5 full and shiny stars

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* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and the comments here are my honest opinion. *

I released my first non-fiction, memoir and poetry collection on February 14th 2017. It is available in print and digital through Amazon.

I'm excited to have produced my first memoir, and pleased with not only my execution of this piece, but also my confessions and self-revelations. My poetry is the best I've ever written.

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