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Blood Bond by Alicia Rayn

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Time Travel, Paranormal, Romance, Ménage, Adult, Dark

Time travel, Vampires, and Virgins... Roxanna Collins is a Vegas singer waiting for her big break. She’s alone, broke, and uncertain where her future lies. She's also a cutter - a long-term cutter for whom pain has become pleasure. When a vampire from 1815 brings her back in time, she thinks she’s lost her mind. But she manages to get something she didn’t have in Vegas – a full-time singing gig. Granted, it’s at a gentlemen’s club, but at least she’s standing on her own two feet and not in jail or shacked up with the first tall, dark, and brooding vampire who walks into her hallucination. So what if he’s Darren Andrew Highmore, Earl of Richmond… Her request for a piano player lands her in the company of the very proper, very innocent, Phillip Branham, who can’t decide whether he should be polite, disapproving, or…in love. Darren is dangerous, but Roxanna needs the special brand of pain he brings her. Phillip would offer her a future in the light, but she has secrets he doesn’t understand. Must she choose or are their destinies intertwined? Content advisory: threesome scenes, bloodplay (biting, cutting), and one brief scene of attempted rape.

4 out of 5 (very good)

Independent Reviewer for Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!

Roxanne thought her singing career in Vegas was going nowhere. She went to sleep and woke up in 1815, London! Darren bought her to him. Or rather his SOUL called her forward. Roxanne begins singing in a gentleman's club, and she needs a piano player. Philip is awestruck by Roxanne. Soon she will have to decide, Darren the vampire, who gives her what she craves? Or Philip, the sweetest man she has ever met, who gives her what she needs? As I've been reviewing for some time, I've read many, MANY vampire books. BUT this one throws it all out the water! I loved that Rayn was able to find something that others haven't. Actually there are TWO twists that make this stand out! That she was able to intertwine that something into a love story between a woman who craves pain, and vampire who dishes it out and a lovely man who loves Roxanne. I loved that it takes time for the three of them to come together. Love that Darren's beast in kept at bay, except when Roxanne was threatened, loved that Philip was able to find HIS beast, too. It is a little slow moving near the beginning, but once it gets going, it's brilliant. Its not *very* violent, for a vampire book, except when Darren is dishing out his punishment, and I FELT that, you know, right in the shoulders! Its also not very explicit, its almost sweet, in a sexy but not overly so way, if that makes any sense! And I did like that, a lot. It comes with a MMF tag, however, technically, it should be MFM. (There is no sexual contact between Darren and Philip) And there is one of those twists that I needed more from. I can't say who, cos thats SPOILERS so I'm not gonna. 4 stars

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I write paranormal fiction across the genres of erotic romance, fantasy, and mainstream vampire fiction. In addition to writing fiction and reading, I enjoy painting, travel, restaurants, movies with monsters and/or explosions, and hanging out with my husband and my dog.

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