Beautiful Beast by Kyla D. Knight

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Dark, sexy…beautiful. Axis shouldn’t leave his castle. He’s a wolf shifter, and his wolf form…has some problems. But he hates the confinement. Hell, he hates everything about his life. Until he grabs an excuse to get away from his comfortable prison and meets Layna. She’s bold. She’s beautiful. And she’s in trouble. But Axis can’t stay away from his castle for long, so what else is there to do but bring her to his home to keep her safe? Well, safer. Sort of… The second Layna sets foot in Axis’s remote, eerie castle, she knows she’s stepped into a place of secrets—and they aren’t pretty ones. Axis may be the sexiest man she’s ever seen, but what is he hiding? Why is he so difficult and moody? And what the hell is making that sound? Reader advisory: strong language and explicit sexual content. Not intended for readers under 18.

5 out of 5 (exceptional)

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SO!!! Now I've come down a bit, I *might * be able to write a coherent review! Let's see, shall we?

Axis doesn't like to be confined, but needs must. He just needs a get away for a while, to get something to help him deal. Layna is on a mission to interrupt the supply of that *something* and Axis puts her in terrible danger. So, he saves her the only way he knows how, he takes her home, where the secrets have secrets and more secrets. Then Layna's headaches begin. And those secrets begin to unravel. And it is not gonna be a picnic!

It seems, (correct me if I'm wrong but I can't find anything else by this author) that this is Ms Knight's FIRST novel. And Lord if that IS the case, I so wanna be on the end of the next one!!

Because I loved this! Bloody LOVED it!

Yes, its very obviously a Beauty and the Beast kinda retell, but who cares?? Axis' beast is of a nature that doesn't become clear immediately, and I was left second guessing what kind of beast he was. Layna isn't such the good little girl she portrays, what with trying to blow up buildings and all. And deep down, she knows that something isn't quite right in the castle, with everyone whispering and keeping her out the way all day. She KNOWS what she is hearing is a pained animal, but why would there be an animal in the lower levels? And what calls to her from the wood.

When the whole story begins to unravel, when the secrets start to become clear, it moves fast!! You gotta pay attention, take in every little detail, because you will need it! I had to double back a couple of times, and it made me slow down to really concentrate. And if a book makes ME slow down, it's gotta be a good one!!

It's dark, Axis is in so much pain since The Making and he deals with how best he can. He knows what he is doing might well kill him, but he doesn't let the others know. He just deals with it. But Layna in his home, his bed, indeed, his HEART makes him want to not have to deal with it anymore, he wants it to go away. And if that means him giving up his life to free the others from his pain, Axis will do that.

It's sexy. Axis and Layna have instant and powerful attraction, and it isn't long before they are getting up close and personal. But it's Axis' giving control over to Layna that I particularly liked. I'm a sucker for an alpha male tied to the bed, I really am!

OH!!! It's just so good! So very bloody good!! Can't wait to see what Ms Knight comes up with next!

5 excellent stars!

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* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and the comments here are my honest opinion. *

Kyla D. Knight loves romance of all kinds but has a particular weakness for sexy tortured heroes. They're her catnip. Her peanut butter and chocolate. Her perfect tiramisu. When she’s not reading or writing romance, she might be found riding her horse or walking her cat. (Hey, it's a thing, all right? Totally normal.)

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#Adult #Paranormal #Romance #5Stars


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