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The Twelve Disasters of Christmas (Manx Cat Guardians, #5) by J.P. Sayle

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Brad has never had a proper Christmas in his entire life. And for the first time, he has the opportunity to have a Christmas he has only ever dared to dream about. Christmas with someone who loves him regardless of his scars and his past, his soulmate, Martin. Yet fate seems to want to interfere when he finds himself up to his ears with party arrangements. A party planned for Christmas Eve he was conned into sorting by his artful dodger of a fiancé, with only twelve days to carry it off. Brad finds out what the true meaning of Christmas is when he enlists the help of his ever-growing band of merry men, Joe, Greg, and Nick. And so his personal “fight club” is established. But unbeknownst to Brad, his friends are keeping secrets about Princess, his little black Manx guardian cat, and Max, Joe and Aaden’s large white cat. With all the secrets, will they be able to avoid disaster? Especially when they all want to put in their pennies worth of advice while trying not to let the cat out of the bag, or should that be “witch”? What could possibly go wrong? Warning The content of some of this book is sexually graphic, with the use of explicit language and adult situations involving two males. It is only intended for mature adults. This book has characters from book two, three and four. To understand the backstory the author would recommend reading these, though it is not essential.

4 out of 5 (very good)

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This is book five in the Manx Cat Guardians series, and you probably SHOULD read he other books first. Some things are mentioned here, that happened in those books and not all is fully recapped.

Brad is sex-bribed into giving a Christmas party for Martin and his work colleagues. Brad never had a proper Christmas before and he wants it to be perfect. Things take a turn, and it's one thing after another going wrong. And just what is going on with his cat, Princess??

I really enjoyed this latest book in this series! It's funny and witty; emotional and painful; and sexy and steamy! So bloody sexy and steamy! The guys have a *thing* Brad and Martin, Joe and Stuart, and Greg and Aaden. So freaking hawt but they are spoil sports too! "Look, but not touching!"

But it's Brad and this party that take centre stage. Well, mostly, more on what I mean shortly! The party of the century has to be perfect and things keep going wrong for poor Brad! Greg has a hiccup too! I'm not going into any details, cos of spoilers, but you feel for them, as one thing after another goes wrong!

Poor Max (Aaden's cat) has been given an impossible choice. When it becomes clear just WHY the witchy-woo (I had to laugh at that name given to her!) is doing what she is doing, Max's decision is easy, but the witchy-woo ain't happy. Neither is Princess when she finds out what Max did to save her life so I'm hoping she comes round!

Brad, Greg, Joe and Nick (Aaden's little brother) all have a say, the other guys don't. But when Nick had HIS say, it made me want to hear from Brody (Aaden's best friend) Because of what Nick has to say, because there is something going on with Brody we don't yet know about, because of what happens after Brody picks Nick up after they all get drunk, I NEEDED Brody, and we don't get him.

And this is what I meant earlier. While the party is the main plot line of the book, Nick and Brody's story is being laid out too, and to ME, that is a far more important part of this story, than a party. Nick has a LOT to say about what he feels about Brody, even if he is Aaden's best friend, and I have a feeling Brody isn't as indifferent to the squirt as he makes out.

I don't get Brody here, and I NEEDED him, and that's the ONLY reason I gave it

4 stars

But that's just me, spitting my dummy out and having a hissy fit with these books, AGAIN!! Ms Sayle keeps doing that to me! I very much look forward to seeing what Ms Sayle does to illicit such reactions from me!

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* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and the comments here are my honest opinion. *

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