Diablo (The Gifted Ones #2) by J.M. Wolf

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Trace Black hasn’t forgotten the tragic death of his parents and birth pack. His only focus since then was looking after his twin brother, Casey. Now that Casey has found his fated mate and started a family of his own, Trace has given everyone the cold shoulders, preferring the comfort of solitude. But one alpha who rescued him from being attacked by beta wolves changed everything for Trace, as he once again faces the monster who killed his family. Unfortunately, that same monster is also his fated mate. A decision made in the heat of anger and vengeance changed Antonio de la Llama’s life, and not for the better. Now an alpha jaguar shifter and fire mage, Antonio spent the next four-hundred years unable to control the evil that burned within himself, thus granting him the name, Diablo. But one encounter with his fated Omega and Diablo has found more reason than ever to prove to Trace that he’s not the same monster who killed his family. That the strength which comes with love is greater than anger. But can Trace put his own anger for the alpha in the past? An alpha who’s trapped in the flames of hell, and the omega who’s destined to set him free. Can these two troubled souls who’re still trapped by their past learn to let go, so they can face the future together? Will Trace be able to forgive the alpha who stole everything from him, and will Diablo find a new kind of strength worth holding onto? TRIGGER WARNING: This MPREG novel contains sexual and verbal adult content specifically made for adults 18 and up! This novel also contains a lot of action and violence, death, snarky ice wolves, sexy belly dancing, steamy fire play in the bedroom, and cute babies.

*** This is book 2 in the series, but can be read as a standalone story – no cliffhangers ***

5 out of 5 (exceptional)

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We met the legend of Diablo in book one, Frostbite, but you don’t need to have read THAT book for this one to make sense. It would benefit you to, though. You need to know about this pack and how it works and how they look after their own.

Years ago, Antonio, a jaguar shifter and mage, made an angry decision, and it cost him. Now unable to channel his anger into anything other than fire, he is the legend Diablo, a far more dangerous one than Frostbite would ever be. But a single glance all those years ago also cost him. It cost him the price of his soul, because a gaze into the eyes of a child made Diablo see, SEE what he has become and how he does NOT want to be. That child was Trace, a wolf shifter, and Diablo had just slaughtered his whole village. Trace and his brother Casey managed to escape. But now, their past has come back, not as the devil, but as an angel who keeps saving Trace, who Trace now knows as his mate. Can the pack accept Antonio, even if Trace will have him? Can Antonio keep his anger at bay, or will he be consumed by his own flames?

I love a bad boy turned good, I really do, and Antonio is the epitome of the bad boy turned good! I loved this one!

A far DARKER read than Frostbite, this one. Here’s why. While Frostbite KNEW what he was doing when he killed, he did it in self-defence. Diablo, however, does NOT know why he did what he did. He blacks out, coming to only when his fire has died out, and his anger gone. He doesn’t remember killing all those people, and the poor cat carries a LOT of souls on his shoulders that he has no recollection of.

But he’s trying, he really is. Not only for Trace, but for him own soul. He does not want to be like this anymore, he wants to be free of the all consuming rage, and fire that has been his life for four hundred years. Forces are working against him though, and it takes a visit from a psychic, Remy, to dig deep into Antonio’s mind, and for TRACE to visit deep into Antonio’s mind, for Antonio to finally be free.

There is a lot of other stuff happening here too. Cyrus has his baby. A friend from Cyrus’ past causes . . problems . . (for want of a better word!) for Tobias and Bruno, the pack Beta. Those two have their work cut out for them with Tim, they really do. Their 3 way book is next. We also get just what Tobias is, and what that means for the pack, for Tim and his child and any future children there might be with Tobias. Typing this up, I’m also questioning who might be paired with Remy now he’s decided to stay with the pack. Todd also gets a book. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Maybe I’m putting two and two together and getting five, but who cares!

Will there be an earth and air type mage/shifter? I dunno, don’t really mind who or what comes next, but I WILL be reading them!

5 stars

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JM Wolf never thought he would one day say that he's a published M/M romance author. Having a poet for a mother and a sister to once ran a blog, it was only a matter of time before JM discovered his writing genes. In the beginning, his sole purpose in life was to be a singer/songwriter. Writing lyrics was the first step putting his thoughts onto paper. Even while singing, JM always found time to dabble with writing little short stories but never thought too much about it. Once he reached adulthood, his music dreams left him, but not the feel of writing down what was in his mind. However, that didn't mean music no longer played a part in JM's life. His debut book The Black Feather was inspired by one of his favorite songs. Whether lyrics or love stories, you will always find JM's heart and soul in every word on paper. JM Wolf lives in Chesapeake, VA with his husband and in-laws. When he's not writing, you could always find reading a good book, spending time with the love of his life, or jamming out to music. He didn't pick the world of literature; the literary world picked him.

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