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NBtM & #Giveaway: The Witches Prophecy (The Blue Flamed Witch #1) by Janae

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@goddessfishpromotions @debbiereadsbook

@GoddessFish @debbiereadsbook

Within the shadows, a prophecy-bound assassin emerges, holding the fate of our world in their lethal grip - the key to salvation or the catalyst of our downfall.

Trouble Ferell is your average gun toting assassin, never once caught she revels in anonymity. But she can’t face the demonic force that has come for her. She can no longer trust herself but burgeoning from her is that what you’d call magic. Now, as a sorceress with divine lineage she must face creatures from other realms in a race against time.

Confronting the truth, she must rise to the occasion of becoming the most formidable witch throughout history. She is tasked with banishing abominable entities back to the depths of the Underworld, all while ensuring her own survival.

Pity. It’s on Tuesday.

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When Darkness looms, the world finds its hero…

In "The Witches Prophecy," Trouble Ferell, a renowned assassin, yearns for normalcy and acceptance. However, her world turns upside down when she discovers her involvement in an ancient prophecy and unlocks her long-dormant magical abilities. Doubt and uncertainty fill her mind as she grapples with her newfound identity and the visitations of a powerful deity.

With her best friend turned lover by her side, Trouble must confront monstrous beings in human bodies and an impending apocalypse orchestrated by Chaos, an entity seeking her as his bride. As interdimensional gates creak open, Earth dangles on the edge of peril. Trouble must embrace her role as both a Demi-goddess and witch, rallying against her half-sister's ascent and thwarting Chaos's pursuit of the formidable Darkveil Talisman.

In a race against time, Trouble and Xaivier unravel the tapestry of their shared history, hurtling towards an epic clash that pits good against evil. 'The Witches Prophecy' weaves a spellbinding tale, where ultimate victory tips the scales for but one contender. Pity. It’s only Tuesday.

3 out of 5 (good)

Independent Reviewer for Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!

My review for this book will be short, because, to be honest, I'm really not sure what I just read!

I'll summarise as best as I can though.

I liked that multiple people have a say. So we get to hear from all the important people.

I LOVED the sarcasm from everyone! Trouble, especially.

I did not like, and I think this was my biggest issue, that multiple names were used for the same person. I got a bit confused right at the prologue and I think that set the screen for the rest of the book.

Lots of paranormal themes: prophecies, soul mates, demons, witches and gods, and a rare one: reincarnations. I liked that.

But, like I said, the multiple names thing kinda threw for the whole book, and I'm still a little confused by it all!

Maybe not one for me, but I did finish it, so

3 stars

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* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book; the comments here are my honest opinion. *

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Janae’s family is from Louisiana and Georgia. She is the middle child of three. She began her writing career as a teenager in high school writing steamy love scenes for her classmates. She wasn’t convinced as a writer until her English teacher found her stories and told her she should be a writer. She treasured those words for all of her adult life. She has a bachelor’s degree in information Technology. She is a dedicated mother, friend and writer. She is usually found hunched over her laptop dreaming of different ways to entertain. She lives in Savannah, Ga with her cat Persephone and son. She loves dogs and wants to own a Husky and loves making people laugh and feel comfortable. She has a podcast called How Not To Write with Janae and her favorite color is blue. She is a Cancer.

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Sounds like a book I'd like.

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23 nov 2023

I enjoyed the blurb. Sounds like a good story.

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Thanks for sharing. I think this sounds really interesting.

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22 nov 2023

Thank you so much for hosting and reviewing today.

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