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Giving the Dragon Fire by Victoria Jayne

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She captured his dragon’s attention and stole his fire.

With her final exams behind her, Ella Kincaid has one weekend to live carefree before entering the grueling world of corporate America to start her dream job. She never expected her one-night stand with Gideon to put her in an ethical dilemma on day one.

As a dragon shifter, all Gideon Hayes wants is his fire and to make jewelry. One incredibly stupid mistake cost him his flame. What’s he supposed to do with a human mate, anyway?

They’re mates who shouldn’t be. If Ella can’t get Gideon out of her head, she’ll lose her career. He’ll be damned if a human negates his fire.

Can they deny what destiny has in store for them? Challenging fate may have worse consequences than they ever imagined.

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3 out of 5 (good)

Independent Reviewer for Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!

Gideon meets Ella and their chemistry is smokin! Literally! But Ella can't possibly be his mate, since she is human and dragons only mate with dragons. Right?

I liked this, for the most part. It's 250 odd pages, but it's a quick read, and an easy one.

I liked that both Gideon and Ella have a say. I liked that they are both suffering this attraction thing, and it's messing with both their equilibriums. I liked the smexiness level, it really is smokin hot.


I didn't like the smexiness level! Contradicting myself I know, but lemme explain.

Every time these two cross paths, there is smex. EVERY time. And while I do like my books on the steamier side, I do like some story with my steam, ok? And for a while, I was gonna dump this simply because all Ella and Gideon did was have smex. I found it too much, and that has to be saying something!!

So, what I'm trying to say is, I would have liked some other connection between Ella and Gideon that wasn't horizontal. More of an emotional connection would have been nice. Once they decide to give this mate thing a go, the book then ends with an epilogue and I wanted more of that interim period.

I also was a bit lost as to Gideon getting his fire. He was convinced that Ella wasn't his mate because she couldn't give the dragon his fire. Then all of a sudden, he had it. Something happened (but spoilers!), but one scene he didn't, then he next, he did. No explanations as to HOW he got it.

So, some gaps in the plot, but once I got over my hissy fit, and finished the book, I can honestly say, I liked it. And it's the first I've read of this author. I'd like to read more of this group of people.

3 good stars

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Victoria Jayne is the epitome of a Jersey Girl. She doesn’t [know how to] pump her own gas, enjoys pork roll, and grew up on the Jersey Shore. 


She’s lived throughout the state of New Jersey and remains there with her sports journalist husband and two darling daughters.

When not writing, Victoria enjoys baking with her daughters, rooting for the New Jersey Devils, thinking of home improvement projects, and staying up far too late chatting on Discord.

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