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Her Reluctant Heart by S.H. Pratt

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Sam Harmon has written off men and vowed that love will never have the opportunity to make a fool of her again…

Until Tony MacClaren insists on buying her a coffee. His dark eyes, intelligence, and confidence challenge her. His dimples and ‘demon thumb’ seduce her.

Tony compels Sam to embrace the power and strength he senses in her while offering her the moon and stars. Does she dare accept everything he offers in exchange for her reluctant heart?

5 out of 5 (exceptional)

Independent Reviewer for Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!

What this is, my good book peeps, is the story of a woman, who has twice been burned, finding that sometimes, the third time really is a charm!

I LOVED this book! I have a minor niggle, but it really is a minor one, and I'll come back to that.

Sam is working hard to keep her family together. She struggles as a single parent to three exceptionally gifted children, without any help from their sperm donor (Eldest child's words, not mine!) or loser number two. Then Tony rail-roads himself into her life, and knocks things way off kilter.

What I especially loved about this, was the patience that Sam had with Tony, and vice versa, except maybe the spoiling thing. Sam is wary, and it takes time for her to fully open up to Tony about loser numbers one and two. Once he knows this, he tries, really REALLY hard to see things from Sam's point of view. He messes up, yes, but once Sam realises he only did that thing for HER and her children, with nothing wanted in return, she comes around.

I loved the kids: they really are amazing and they take to Tony wonderfully well. They warn him to look after their mum, and he takes that very VERY seriously.

I loved how Sam, once she found her feet, slotted into Tony's world. It was daunting, meeting all these Hollywood A-listers was difficult at best, but Tony's real friends, not the three dollar bills ones, took to Sam equally well. And the kids too!

It's deeply emotional, given what Sam has been through, and I felt her at some points, having been through some things like her myself. It's not overly smexy though, and I think for this book, it was a perfect amount of smexiness. It takes Sam time to let Tony get that close to her, and I loved that he was willing to wait for this amazing woman who couldn't see that she was!

I adored, I mean, it made me cry, what Tony did with Sam's house plans. That really was a wonderful way to show here that he was serious about her and the kids. Bawled my head off when she discovered the kitchen!

So, my niggle. And as I said, it really is just a niggle and me being greedy, but it's my review, and this is how I feel.

We don't get Tony. At all. And I desperately wanted to hear from him at some point along the way. Once I realised it was just Sam's point of view, I was resigned to not hearing from him. It would have just made this book, I think. Not that it takes away from this outstanding piece of work! 

I wonder how much of the author I see in Sam. It's written in such a way that makes me think there is SOME author in Sam, and I loved that.

I loved this book, no Tony notwithstanding so it can only get. . . .

5 full and shiny stars.

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* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book; the comments here are my honest opinion. *

Award-winning writer of contemporary romance - many of the stories are dark. Author of RONE award finalist, Beyond the Dark and RONE winner, Get Away Closer. Mom of three awesome nerds. Quilter, reader, baker, and movie lover. Eclectic writer with a story for every romance lover.

Take an emotional adventure one breathtaking story at a time.

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