Smith's Corner: Delilah & Dallas (The Heartwood Series #1) by Jayne Paton

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With a past more complicated than ten balls of yarn after it’s been attacked by a house full of kittens, I wasn’t looking to tangle myself in a relationship. The only thing is that Dallas, one of the Smith brothers who own the bar right next door to my bakery, has other ideas.

In the last year, I’ve learned to dodge and weave him better than a wide receiver at the Superbowl. At six-foot-five, with eyes of chocolate a girl could drown in, this was no mean feat. Then an assumption lands me in hot water and I end up asking him on a date.

What was I thinking?

One kiss and I know he’s trouble with a capital T, the kind that sensible girls run from. Thing is, he’s stolen my common sense with his wicked mouth and soft heart. It doesn’t matter to him that I’ve more curves than a Kardashian and a mouth that has no filter.

Life has taught me I can achieve anything with hard work and determination. Does this include love?

I’m about to find out.

Smith’s Corner (book one) Dallas & Delilah, is a standalone, opposites-attract romantic comedy-drama. It comes with a hot as fuck barman who’s about to learn exactly what he’s capable of when it comes to love.

4 out of 5 (very good)

Independent Reviewer for Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!

This is the first book in the Heartwood series. It's also this author's first step into the world of male/female pairings. She usually writes male/male.

And I have to say, I really rather enjoyed it!

Delilah is young, only 20, but she has a wise head on her shoulders. She knows Dallas is a player, he makes no bones about that, but he also makes no bones about wanting Delilah. And NOT just for a quick tumble. When strange things start happening in Delilah's bakery, Dallas and his brothers step up and the two become close. When Delilah's life is threatened, Dallas loses his head and goes all Alpha male, protect what's mine.

Like I said, first step in this genre for this author, and she kinda nails it! I AM left with questions about Delilah and her mum and sister, but I know what those questions are, and surprisingly, I can voice them! Which for me, makes a change. But I'll come back to those.

Dallas is the youngest Smith brother, and this series revolves around them. They own a bar, and Delilah and her mother own a bakery in the space next door. He lusts after Delilah, and not just in a one-night stand way. When she finally relents and goes on a date with him, Dallas is smitten, and tumbles, head over heels in love. It takes Delilah a little longer, but she falls just as hard!

I could see who the bad guy was, right from when they popped up in the bakery, and that went down much as I expected it to, even if Delilah couldn't see the danger right in front of her.

I loved ALL the brothers, I really did. They all have their quirks, and their personalities, and they all have a story to tell. I mean, Stone and Delilah's best friend, Storm? Their story, well . . .I HOPE their story is going to be explosive, given what goes on here. Levi is already making goo-goo eyes at Layla. Their story is next. Ash, ohhhh Ash has a BIG story to tell, and his book is number 3, and that blurb has set all sorts of questions in my head and I have no idea where that is going! And then there is Fox. I have no clue what's going on there. While he doesn't SAY anything, I feel that his story might be a difficult read!

Back to my questions, which I'm reliably told, may well be answered in book 2, given as that's Layla's book and she holds all the cards. There is much HINTED at, about how and why the girls came to Smith's Corner. But that's all it is, HINTED at! And you know, when you get clues, and you put them together, and you make a picture of your own? I have done that, and I'm not saying what kind of picture I made, but I'm fairly certain, it's going to be worse, MUCH worse.

So hurry, Ms Paton, and release book 2, I need those answers!

A thoroughly enjoyable step out of this author's comfort zone, and a thoroughly enjoyable read.

4 solid stars

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I'm Jayne or JP, I live in the Isle of Man. A tiny place in the Irish sea where all the magic happens. I am fortunate now to write full time and I've a love for books, all kinds. I like to spice things up and dip my toe into different genres. This is my first book in M/F romance in Smith's Corner.

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