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Fallen (Everwood Falls #2) by Kat Kinney



EVERWOOD FALLS… a small supernatural community tucked up in the Colorado Rockies where witches, werewolves and vampires can live without fear of discovery, and those with curses they can’t control are sent to keep the existence of magic from being revealed to Mundanes.

Once one of thousands of angels who fought against the Underworld at the command of the Archangels, Lucien Girard had his wings broken as punishment for defying angelic law. His crime? Trying to change the fate of the human woman he’d fallen in love with. Centuries later, he bears the curse the Archangels handed down: To fall in love again and again, each time with a new woman who shares the face of the soulmate he failed to save thousands of years before. When Dr. Isabel Romero moves to Everwood Falls, Lucien vows to stay as far away from her as possible, not knowing any other way to prevent her death like all the others who have come before her. But someone from Isabel’s past is stalking her and Lucien can’t simply leave her to her fate. He knows this time will be no different. And yet he refuses to let her go.

Dr. Isabel Romero lives with guilt for the people she’s harmed. The night she died, her life was saved by Costa, a vampire who changed her into one of the undead. But becoming a vampire meant she had to leave her parents behind, only visiting once per year according to vampire law so no one would notice that she isn’t aging. Gifted with a rare healing magic, she saves lives that are beyond her abilities to heal as a doctor. Moving to Everwood Falls is supposed to be a fresh start, but her magic has a dark side and someone from her past is hunting her. The last thing she wants is to be responsible for someone else getting hurt, and that means she can’t allow anyone to get close to her. But she’s going to need Lucien Girard’s help if they’re going to catch the person harming patients in Everwood Falls before someone is seriously hurt.

With a herd of enchanted elk, carnivorous spruce trees, and sentient pumpkins that stalk the local landscaping, Everwood Falls is a quirky mountain town where scales and fur mean found family.

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4 out of 5 (very good)

FALLEN is the second book in the Everwood Falls series, and this time we follow Lucien and Isabel as they navigate Lucien's curse and Isabel's lack of memories. She is also dealing with her own problems, such as a stalker who is trying to kill her.

It was wonderful seeing the familiar characters again, although it did take me a moment to get them sorted in my head. I love seeing how they all live and work together with their different strengths and weaknesses. Unfortunately for me, that means I also forget which one is a what. I get there though!

I thought the mystery side was well done, giving plenty of opportunities to see it all building as it comes together. The only part that got me (as such) was how Lucien and Isabel went from avoiding each other to declaring their love. It just seemed a little fast (if you ignore the prior two thousand years) with no real build-up to it.

A great addition to the series and a welcome return to Everwood Falls. I look forward to reading more in the future.

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Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!

Author Kat Kinney lives with her family and an extremely pampered guinea pig who does not like werewolves, or falcons. When she isn’t writing about things that bite and howl, she can be found reading about romance, supernaturals, or fantasy, knitting crazy socks and plotting out future books.

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