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Heart of Trust (Hooves & Hearts #1) by Hannah E. Carey



What he needs is someone to fix his broken horse. What he doesn't bargain for is losing his heart.

In the wake of having his perfectly planned future ripped out from under him, Carter O'Sheen finds himself the unexpected, and somewhat reluctant, owner of a dressage horse with an expensive price tag. Not only does Carter know practically nothing about horses, D'Artagnan's surly behavior is making Carter's job of taking care of him more than a little difficult. Carter knows he needs help, but he doesn't know where to turn.

The last training client Meg Beckett wants to take on is Carter O'Sheen, the heir to the famous O'Sheen Distillery. She's already got her hands full trying to keep Heart & Soul Ranch running and the bills paid. But when Carter reveals how desperate his situation is, Meg finds that she can't bring herself to turn him and his horse away. She agrees to take on D'Artagnan, promising herself that she won't fall for the horse's handsome owner in the process.

But Carter and Meg soon discover the situation surrounding D'Artagnan is more complicated, and more dangerous, than they first thought. Someone has it out for the horse, and they'll stop at nothing to get what they want. If they want to keep D'Artagnan and the ranch safe, Meg and Carter will have to work together. But doing so might put something else they don't expect at risk: their hearts.

This equestrian fiction novel includes a closed door romance.

5 out of 5 (exceptional)

HEART OF TRUST is the first book in the Hooves & Hearts series that ISN'T just for horse lovers. I love horses but I've only just figured out which part is the mane and which is the tail. All the bits in-between? Yeah, I'm lost. The thing is though, I didn't need to understand everything as the MMC was just as clueless as me - and I mean that in a good way. I learnt alongside him and it made for one heckuva reading experience.

Carter and Meg are made for each other; they just don't realise it at first as they are both carrying past hurts with them. It takes a horse-shaped cupid by the name of D'Artagnan to bring them together as they both want what's best for him.

There is a whole lot going on in this book and it isn't all romance. You have a mother with her own agenda, betrayal, mystery, rehabilitation, a slightly-lost younger brother, and a rocking grandpa that I want to have lunch with!

I've only ever read this author's fantasy works, but I'm happy to say she knocks contemporary out of the park too. A real page-turner that had me enthralled. Highly recommended by me.

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Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!

Hannah E. Carey began telling stories as soon as she was old enough to talk and she hasn't stopped since. As a Dysautonomia warrior, writing and her love of stories allow her to explore new places & worlds, no matter what her body throws at her. She loves all things romance and writes romantic fantasy with fierce heroines that is inspired by her love of mythology, along with romantic women's fiction that stars loveable four-legged companions and is inspired by her years of being a horse & dog mom, her background in equine rescue, and her years of working as a certified Centered Riding Instructor. When she's not writing, you'll find her reading romance novels and spending time with her husband, horses, and dog on her small hobby farm.

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